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I’ve been joking with Hunni for the last few weeks that it seems like God forgot summer this year.  We had a decent spring and then a super rainy summer which felt like fall and now we have freezing temps like winter.  One day I’m in capris and the next in hoodies and long pants.  I wore sandals all summer and now I’m digging in the closet for closed toe shoes and socks.  So strange.

Imagine my shock watching Sunday afternoon football when I saw this…

Gotta love a good Touchdown!

Gotta love a good Touchdown!

My team was playing only a few short hours from here and they had SNOW!!! Real live snow was hitting my area of the country so soon after I was giggling at y’all in the midwest and Canada getting it last week.

This weather makes it even more like winter.  With winter comes the desire to warm my innards.  I’m constantly freezing in the winter which leads to survival mode to keep warm.  My favorite is to drink tea… and lots of it.  Remember when I showed off my tea shelf ?  All summer I shop for tea to keep me warm all winter.

Just a small sampling.

Just a small sampling.

To properly enjoy my tea I have several instruments of choice. First is the proper kettle.

I have two:  An old-fashioned stove top one…

Good Ol' fashioned whistler.

Good Ol' fashioned whistler.

and an electric one…

Fancy new fangled tea kettle.  All electric like.

Fancy new fangled tea kettle. All electric like.

The old-fashioned one has been around forever as a quick way to heat a ton of water and drink tea until I was floating before I made more.  I invested in the electric one on the spur of the moment while ordering from the Stash Tea for Christmas presents for other people. 🙂  I didn’t have a stove my first year of seminary and was tired of microwaving water.  That teapot made my winter.

Then comes the HUGE tea mug.

My favorite drug... uh mug :-)

My favorite drug... uh mug 🙂

It’s supposed to be a coffee mug or a soup mug…but is holding steady as my favorite tea mug.  I’m not playing around with tea cups like this…

My fancy cups given as gifts.

My fancy cups given as gifts.

I’m hard-core and like to chug my tea.  It’s too time consuming to refill the cup all the time.  They are nice memories and decorations in my curio cabinet instead.

In their rightful place.

Keeping my Spanish fans company.

I also have a bit of a mug habit.

So lonely sitting up there normally.  But I do like my polka dot one from Crate and Barrel.

So lonely sitting up there normally. But I do like my polka dot one from Crate and Barrel.

My favorite is this Japanese one from the Mecca of tea stores, TEAVANA.

I love the detail on the front.

I love the detail on the front.

I would spend every dime in that store if I could.  Look at my collection of teas.

tea 009

I buy 2 ounces of different flavors to sample with dreams of trying them all…although I do have my favorites. Currently I’m loving Peach Oolong and Cinnamon Apple.

I occasionally use tea bags…especially in the office for the convenience factor.  At home I love loose tea because my grandmother insisted it was 10x better than bags. She’d buy five boxes of Lipton loose tea at once because they only sold it at one store and it is all my family drinks.  In my house I use a tea ball to make one cup or my Bodum for many.

tea 004

Technically it’s a coffee press but not a speck of coffee has ever been made in it.

I like some tea plan and some sweet…all depending on the flavor.  I don’t use sugar so I rely on these sweet friends.

tea 006

Agave is the my favorite because too much of the others upsets my delicate tummy.  Hunni asked if he could get drunk on agave when he learned it was made from the plant used to make Tequila.  Sorry Hunni, no such luck.

Last but not least are a few pre-sweetened powdered teas I bought in London and I ration so don’t run.  They’re darn expensive to buy online.

I love Whittards...especially mister happy moon man who tastes like apricot.

I love Whittards...especially mister happy moon man who tastes like apricot.

Tea helps me get in my water through the winter with little to no calories.  I like my water iced cold when it’s warm and tea when the weather turns chilly.  Without tea the only liquids I would get for 4 months is lots of coffee.

What do you do to keep warm all winter?

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  1. 19/10/2009 7:35 PM

    Is this the same Cynthia Bell who used to live in Lambein Hall and make awesome quilts? I remember the obsession with tea- yet i did not see any handmade mugs above… Crate and barrel- for shame! 🙂

    Totally just saw your name/blog as a link from another one, and I was like… hmmm, that name sounds familiar! Do you, o do you, do you remember me?? I am still making pottery (sometimes) and I live in Albany, NY. Do you live around here somewhere? Anyway, you sound like you are doing great- congrats on getting hitched!

  2. 19/10/2009 9:47 PM

    Definitely tea, but Harney & Sons Mango is my fave. Also like hot cocoa, of course, and apple cider tea is good too. Anything traditional and delicious!

  3. 20/10/2009 10:15 AM

    i love all your tea mugs!

    I hear you about missing summer, and now it feels like we’re missing fall some days!

    • 20/10/2009 8:57 PM

      Thanks. I try to collect new mugs all the time kind of like food bloggers collect new bowls and plates.


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