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But in dreamy dreamy land I was cruisin’…


Name that song… Come on you can do it.  This literally was my favorite song from my favorite tape as a kid.  My favorite cartoon character with spiky yellow hair that has never aged despite being 20 years old…. Got it yet.  Yep it from Simpsons Sing the Blues.  And that song was “Deep, Deep Trouble” by none other than Bart Simpson himself.  I watched that video as often as I could (did you know they made a video for cartoon songs) and I wore out the tape.  Yep I said tape.  My dad hated that tape but was required to play it at least once on all family car trips because my brother and I had the songs memorized.  The scary thing is I still have this one memorized and found that out when I was playing an old tape I found at my dad’s house.  Strange what stuff sticks in your head.


Anyway the title is for a reason.  I’ve been thinking a lot about sleep lately.  I know I did a brief post on it back in August while on a business trip when I couldn’t sleep.  But I’ve been thinking a lot about it more recently.  And then the wonderful Angela over at Oh She Glows did a great post on it as well.  So it got me thinking about my own sleep patterns.  Especially lately since I seem to not be getting the best quality sleep.


I never really got sleep much as a child.  I went to “bed” when my mom would tell me and then would stay up with the flash light and a book until I passed out.  In college I was constantly up at all hours of the night with my friends doing stuff like late night truck stop runs for the best chili you’ve ever had and I worked as the snack shop manager on a Friday and Saturday night when we closed at 1 and I got out of there at 2.30 AM.  Not much sleep going on there either.  Pretty useful for those cram sessions right before finals.  Even after graduation I was pretty prone to staying up til 12 or 1 just doing random stuff before hitting the hay and getting up at 6.30 AM for work.  I’ve actually had many bouts with insomnia as an adult that required sleep aids to get me back to a semi regular sleep schedule. 


I know that sleep is important for me with work, health, exercise but my body doesn’t always seem to agree.  I even wake up at least once during the night to go to the bathroom before crawling back into bed.


Peanut and Leo sleep all day and in fact Hunni is napping in bed right now before going to do pick ups for church.  He has no problem falling asleep on the floor while watching TV.  He reminds me of my dad in that respect.  

Here is evidence of Hunni falling asleep in the van as I drove back from Albany friday…

Hunni on long car rides...he gets car-sick.

Hunni on long car rides...he gets car-sick.

And Peanut and Leo in bed with Hunni last night when I decided to go to bed at 12PM…

Peanut made a nest out of my clothes from yesterday.

Peanut made a nest out of my clothes from yesterday.

Leo Snuggled up to Hunni's arm.

Leo Snuggled up to Hunni's arm.

 I know I need more sleep but without taking lots of sleep aids I don’t know how to do it.  I already have enough medicine pumping through my system for other problems so I don’t want more. 


I’m going to try and follow Angela’s tips in her post.  I’m not kicking Peanut and Leo out of the bed.  They think its thier bed and get really mad if they can’t sleep with us.  Besides they are rocks and don’t move once they are comfortable.  So I’m going try and plan my wake up times.  I find I fall asleep around 12.30am most nights.  According to the math I need to wake up at either 6.30am (torture), 8am (doable), or 9.30am (not a good idea any day).  So I’m going to set my alarm for 8 tomorrow and try to get up when it goes off.  I have a meeting in Springfield at 10.30am so I have no choice but to get up anyway.  But it will be a good experiment to see if it helps.


Any other tips for sleep?  How are your sleep habits?

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  1. 18/10/2009 9:57 PM

    I’m a non-sleeper like you. My sister is the opposite- she was always the one sleeping on car trips over 20 minutes when we were kids. I think it’s genetics or something, because really nothing seems to reliably get me to sleep more, except Nyquil!


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