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Speak no evil


Last night I had the extreme pleasure of going to a Christian Rock concert.  I haven’t gone to a concert since I was in college… christian or otherwise.  So when free tickets were offered to our church I took it as the opportunity to bring some our of youth and to relive some of my youth.  The headliner was Newsboys who I last saw in concert 10 years ago and their new lead singer was the lead singer from another favorite of mine from my teen years, DC talk.  Needless to say I was a screaming meemie last night and had a blast.  Too bad my voice is now hiding and my feeling sickness is back with a vengeance.


Soooo close on the "b" stage.

Soooo close on the "b" stage.

Anyway we took some teens with us and one is a teenage girl.  She has this habit of talking bad about herself all the time.  She’s a normal teen at an average weight but she only calls herself fat.  She looks gorgeous naturally and she says how ugly she looks without make up.  She just thinks she’s worth nothing.  So last night I gave her a new rule.  If I heard her talk negative about herself I would give her a chore to do for me.  And I have some nasty chores like scrubbing urinals for her to do.  She had to stop herself a couple of times but she was able to only say nice things (or nothing at all) last night.  In fact she started saying nice things about herself.


Sometimes as adults I wish I had the same consequences imposed on me.  As adults we are our own worst critic.  We I say some of the nastiest things about ourselves myself and it hurts.  I need to put a self imposed consequence on for this week and every week.  Why should I beat myself up…It doesn’t make me feel any better.


So every time I’m about to talk negative about myself I’m going to bite my tongue.  And if the negativity actually escapes my lips (they aren’t the best gate keepers) then I’m going to clean something.  I HATE cleaning (Hunni does it all 🙂 ) and it will hopefully be enough to make me stop.


Who wants to join me in this “speak no evil” challenge?  Set a consequence for yourself if you speak negative about yourself.

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  1. 13/10/2009 9:08 AM

    I think this is an awesome idea 🙂

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