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Quick and Easy


I’m still not feeling well and I have to preach today and take a bunch of people to a concert tonight so I’m trying to take it easy today.  This post will be kind of quick and just a little thought. 


How often do we try to cover up.  I had a nice big zit on my nose that is now a red spot that I’m covering with make up today since we tape our church services for public access TV.  It looks like I’m Rudolph trying to guide Santa’s sleigh.  So I dug out the make up I’ve had for probably far to long to cover the spot.  I never wear make up because I don’t like the time it takes to put it on and I honestly feel painted up when I do have it (although I do wear it for special occasions).  But this spot was not pretty and I needed to cover it up to look “okay.”


So it got me thinking of what else I’ve covered up.  I used to cover myself all the time.  I wouldn’t wear skirts because my legs didn’t look right or stuff with spandex was off limits.  I even had to wear a shirt and shorts over my swimsuit at the beach because I was ashamed of how I looked.  I tried to hide from the world that I was unhappy with my body.  I was covering up.


And you know what… I still am.  Even with the weight loss I haven’t lost my worry about my body.  Sure on the outside you see this…

Me in Central Park on my Honeymoon.

Me in Central Park on my Honeymoon.

But I still most of the time sometimes see this…

Sorry its a picture of a picture.

Sorry its a picture of a picture.

I haven’t gotten over my self esteem issues.  But I’m working on it.  Counseling and talking about how I see myself really helps me to change my mindset.  I’m not now, nor was I then, useless.  I’m not worthless because of my size or shape.  I’m a beautiful person inside and out.  I’m still a work in progress but I’m a beautiful one.


Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful really kind of helps me to see that.  When I was in NYC doing some ministry while in seminary I saw a note on a subway entrance that had some sickly stick thin model toting the next thing that would make you feel beautiful.  And that little sticky note just said, “You are beautiful just the way you are.”  It kind of brought a smile to my face.  I’d been having a bad day because my uniform was getting tighter and my hair wasn’t going the way I wanted.  And that not just made me stop and smile.  I was beautiful and I didn’t need to look like that model to do so.  I didn’t need to be someone else and cover up the real me. 


I’m not perfect now nor will I ever be.  I’m just me and I’m working at it.  Because I am beautiful just the way I am. 


Head on over to Operation Beautiful and you can enter a contest that Caitlin is having to be in the new BOOK she’s writing.  You can make someone’s day with a small note or tell of your encounter with a note.

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  1. bites4change permalink
    11/10/2009 10:21 AM

    Hope you’re feeling better! Being sick is never fun.

    That is so neat that you found an Operation Beautiful note while in NYC. I left my first last week and would love to know who finds them and what their thoughts are. Such an important mission. I should leave more today 🙂

    I think I got my dark chocolates at the grocery store– they came in a big mixed bag of dark Hershey’s chocolate. Some don’t haev nuts, some have walnuts, etc. They’re awesome!

    • 11/10/2009 12:26 PM

      Thanks! I am feeling a bit better. I am glad that tomorrow is the holiday so I can rest.

      I have never left a note because I didn’t know about it until recently. But I have a great idea for a place to leave one tomorrow and this week 🙂

  2. 11/10/2009 3:59 PM

    Just wanted to let you know that YOU are beautiful – and so is your blog 🙂 Have a GREAT day!

  3. coffee365 permalink
    12/10/2009 12:39 AM

    I hope you feel better. You’re beautiful. Check out my blog if you get a chance: Operation Beautiful is a wonderful thing. I’ve left a few notes.

    • 12/10/2009 8:46 AM

      Thank you. Unfortunately I now have no voice. Side effects of a great concert 🙂 I’ll try to check out your blog today since its my day off.

  4. Brandi permalink
    12/10/2009 8:21 AM

    I agree about Operation Beautiful – such an amazing thing going around.

    I hope you’re feeling better and that the concert was good!

    • 12/10/2009 8:46 AM

      The concert was good, the health not so much.

      I have a few great ideas for new Operation Beautiful notes. I’m super excited to leave them this week 🙂

  5. 12/10/2009 9:54 AM

    Oh you’re so sweet – thanks for being so honest with all your readers and yourself! I’m sure you’re inspiring many people in the process!

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