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Sick Day :-(


I just woke up and I don’t feel good.  Correction I feel crappy…really crappy.  My alarm went of at 7AM like normal on Saturday so I could go to Weight Watchers and I thought there is no way I would go.  I actually told Hunni to wake me up at 7.30AM so I could get up real quick and leave after a little “nap” but I feel asleep and he left me alone.  I had asked him to wake me at 8AM and the 9AM and finally he told me to just sleep until I was ready to get up because I needed the rest.  I HATE having to rest! I want to do it on my own terms but my body did not agree.  And now here I am…

Leo is protecting me...but he's in the way.

Leo is protecting me...but he's in the way.

I have work to do for tomorrow (finish my sermon, put together Powerpoint, buy supplies for sunday school) but I’m on the couch resting.  This is my office today…

My vantage point for the day.

My vantage point for the day.

Nice and comfy with my snuggie that I was able to steal back from Leo.  He’s trying to protect me because I’m sick but honestly he was getting in the way.  So Hunni picked him up to move him to a more convenient place.  And Leo wanted to fight…

I was just protecting Mommy.

I was just protecting Mommy.

Leo always thinks he’s going to win and they wrestle while Peanut and I look at them like they are nuts.

Silly Boys

Silly Boys

In the end Hunni always wins by pinning him on his back and rubbing his belly.

Okay You win!

Okay You win!

Right now Hunni is being my personal chef and making me gingerbread muffins.  Yeah those ones that I had hiding in on my shelf for months.  It was the only thing that sounded good.  Even my normal oatmeal or Luna bar made me nauseous.


My mind is going nuts saying you can’t eat that because it’s full of sugar and it doesn’t have even a smidge of healthy thing in…not a fruit/veggie or anything.  But I have to calm myself down and realize eating anything right now is better than nothing.  I need to lay on the couch and rest today so that I will have energy for tomorrow.  So that I can enjoy church and the NEWSBOYS’s concert we got free tickets to for some of our congregation.  I’m excited but it won’t be fun if I don’t have energy. 


Hey even healthy people get sick sometimes and it’s okay to not be super healthy those days.  I’ll have to reschedule my walk to tomorrow after church and I may not get in all I planned for food today.  But that’s okay.  One day of off (not “bad”) eating will not make me balloon back up… It will not make me re-injure my back… It will not make me sicker.  Taking care of myself is important so that those things do not happen.  One day on the couch is better than pushing myself and being here for a week or more.


Sorry to be such a bummer.  I’m just going to sit back…eat my muffin… and watch some old episodes of LOST (oh and do the work I need to get done too).  Enjoy your day!


What do you do when you are sick?  How do you sleep?  How do you eat?

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  1. 10/10/2009 11:45 AM

    Feel better soon!

    It’s absolutely ok to not eat healthy when you’re sick – whatever you can eat to get a little energy 🙂

    • 10/10/2009 12:28 PM

      Thanks Allison! I ate a good bit of the muffins Hunni made and now I’m just drinking water to stay hydrated.

  2. traveleatlove permalink
    10/10/2009 8:16 PM

    Feel better! I always crave tortilla chips when sick, so I eat them! And watch really bad tv. Loved watching Lost reruns the other day, I miss it!

    • 10/10/2009 8:32 PM

      I’m so addicted to LOST right now. I tend to crave carby things when sick. So today I’ve eaten mostly muffins and oatmeal. Hunni just made me some yogurt mess with strawberries, almond butter and chocolate powder.

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