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Let’s Recycle


I’ll admit I’m not the best recycler or even the most eco-friendly.  I try to do my part by taking reusable grocery bags to the stores to get stuff, re-use the plastic bags I do get for trash and buy stuff that is in recycled packaging as much as possible.  But I’m a bad recycler too.  I don’t always recycle bottles and can.  I sometimes wash one or two things I really need if I don’t have enough for a load.  And I print stuff more often than I should and have to shred the paper.  But I want to be better and I’m trying. 


Recently Runner’s World Magazine had an article called Run for All on how we can make our running a little more green.  I love to run and I thought it was great.  But most of the ideas don’t apply to me.  I don’t really travel long distance for races and I don’t spend big bucks on my running. 


But I do eat tons of energy/nutrition bars to keep up with my training.  I tend to eat them for breakfast on mornings I have to go to PT early or to the gym, before evening workouts if I haven’t eaten recently, and honestly sometimes just because they are yummy 🙂

My current stash!

My current stash!

Well the suggestion by runners world is to collect the bar wrappers to be recycled.  I’m sure we’ve all seen those cool bags at stores made out of old wrappers of different products lately.  They are so GREEN!  🙂  Well anyway a company called TerraCycle recycles these and makes them into a cool green product.  Even better they send you the bags to collect them and donate $0.02 for every wrapper donated.  They send you the bags that hold 200 each and they recycle them.  I’m going to do the Energy Bar wrappers because I eat so many of them.  The only thing is they must have the foil inside.  But TerraCycle also recycles Kashi Packaging, Maltomeal bags, Bottle Buddys, Bare Naked packaging, and drink pouches.  They have others so go check it out.


I created a team for It All Changes that you can collect any of the items they have.  You need to sign up for TerraCycle and then you can join my team.  The team is called It All Changes… Duh, right?  The money will go to our food pantry here in North Adams. 

Today's selection.

Today's selection.


It’s all trash anyways so why not help out.  You can do your part or you can check out the TerraCycle products at places like Walmart, Kmart, Target and Home Depot.  Enjoy being eco-friendly without spending a bunch of money.  I know I will.

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