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A little of this…A little of that… and presto!


Lately I’ve been back on the new recipe making train.  I love trying new ingredients and new food so I don’t get bored. 

Interesting side note:  I never got bored of the same pasta, pizza, chinese and cheesy rice before getting healthy but now I need to keep mixing it up to not go back on the bad-for-me food. 

Anyway I have been testing out some new ingredients I got at TJ’s and some new recipes I searched out (internet, blogs, cookbooks, etc) and sometimes just randomly threw together and hoped it turned out for the best.  Even though this isn’t a food blog I thought I’d share since my food and healthy eating are part of my healthy living.  Can’t deny that this girl…

Enjoying food on my honeymoon with Hunni :-)

Enjoying food on my honeymoon with Hunni 🙂

And Hunni…

He love to eat :-)

He love to eat 🙂

And even these two

new foods 009

Leo Licking his chops.


Peanut pretending to sleep while sniffing Hunni's food.

Peanut pretending to sleep while sniffing Hunni's food.

like to eat (But we don’t feed them our food.  The get cool healthy doggie treats.)


Before grocery shopping a few weeks ago I realized I had to use up an avocado real quick before it went bad.  That’s blasphemy to me (okay not really) for a good piece of food to go bad.  Normally avocados don’t last 4 days in my house.  I eat about half a day with some hummus mixed in and used as salad dressing and veggie dip.  But this avocado snuck and hid at the bottom of my fruit bowl and was nice and smushy.  Quick thinking made me

  • dice up the avocado
  • add some salsa
  • hummus
  • Reduced Fat feta cheese
  • all in a whole wheat tortilla

….presto change-o you have lunch. 

Thrown together and oh so yummy!

Thrown together and oh so yummy!

And let me tell you this was a good lunch.  I devoured it quickly and didn’t think twice about the fact I was eating an entire avocado.  And this baby kept me full for a long time.  I remember I ate a really light dinner that night because I was happily full.


I tend to eat the same things at lunch everyday for convenience sake.  But when I saw this idea on Brandi’s Blog I thought it looked interesting and I might want to give it a try.  To be honest with you the idea of it scared me.  I love all the ingredients separate but adding them together really sounded strange and I didn’t know if my tummy would agree.  But those magical red berries were on sale this week and I just bought a new jar of raw almond butter from TJ’s so I thought I would give it a try. 

groceries 004

And my taste buds were in heaven.  The savory of the almond butter, the crunch of the carrots and spinach and the nice sweet flavor of my strawberries was awesome.  Pardon the pic on my laptop.  I’ve been eating a lot at my desk lately.  But there was a huge smile on my face eating this combo. Thanks Brandi for the idea!  I wish strawberries were on sale more often.  They taste good on salads too 🙂


May I present to you my final lunch creation…Apple, banana and pecan butter wrap.

new foods 003

Yes you heard that right.  When Hunni and I went to Colorado for our trip we did get to spend some time in The Garden of the Gods thanks to a recommendation by Heather and my friend Lydia.  They have a cute little trade store in there we found….Heck this place is huge.  Tons of little chachkis, pretty gems, lots of t-shirts and this magical stuff.

Yummy goodness in a jar.

Yummy goodness in a jar.

Sorry for the flash.  I wanted you to be able to see the label.  It really looks like this…

Kind of blurry but still yummy.

Kind of blurry but still yummy.

See the yumminess of the pecans.  It was actually Pecan Honey Butter.  And it had a lot of honey in it.  I used what I normally would for an Almond Butter and Apple wrap and was over loaded with sweets.  I had to space this out.  I ended up using the rest on some apples and in greek yogurt mess later in the day.  There wasn’t much to the jar.

In the wrap was:

  • Whole Wheat Tortilla
  • 1.5 tbsp Pecan Honey Butter
  • 1 gala apple
  • 1 banana
  • Dash of cinnamon

Then I rolled that sucker up and chomped down. 

Right before it entered my mouth and tried to escape.

Right before it entered my mouth and tried to escape.

Soooo good that I didn’t need anything extra for lunch.  I was full on this combo alone.  I think I may have to try making this nut butter on my own with a lot less honey.  The flavor of the pecans was awesome but I like to taste the nuts in nut butters more than the add ins though.

By the way do you say Pee-can or pe-khan? 

I’m in the Pe-khan camp unless its pee-can pie.  Crazy.  I think its because I lived in the south for a few years but my family is all northerners.  I pick up goofy little stuff.  You should hear my accent.  It’s hilarious.


I’ve also tried some rice vinegar from TJ’s in place of my normal balsamic.  It

My new fave!  Sorry Balsamic :-(

My new fave! Sorry Balsamic 😦

It’s got a nice flavor to it.  Light and sweet.  I’ve been mixing it in with hummus to make salad dressing lately.  It thins it out just enough to cover it all.  I love that with some olive oil to make a nice healthy dressing.  I sometimes add it to my avocado hummus mixture to make it thin.  I have to buy some more bottles of this on my next trip out because it says its seasonal on the label and I dont’ want to be deprived of it when it’s not in season.  I might have to ration it out like Hurley did with the peanut butter on LOST (yes I’m still addicted.  I’m almost done with season 2 now 🙂 ).


And finally I’ve been hooked on granola.  I used to think I couldn’t buy this stuff because it wouldn’t last in my home.  I was eating it as cereal back then and I eat huge bowls of cereal (hence the reason breakfast is now oatmeal most of the time since it fills me up).  But now… I buy it for add ins to my apple wraps and yogurt.  I bought some Bare Naked Low Sugar granola and added some of it and some pumpkin butter from TJ’s to some non-fat greek yogurt.  Such a delicious and not too sweet dessert.  Sorry for the recycled picture.  I didn’t see the need to take a new one.

The yogurt is trying to escape the bowl :-)

The yogurt is trying to escape the bowl 🙂

But now comes my dilemma… another one…I know.   I have some other ingredients that I bought and I don’t know what to do with.  While in Colorado I bought these packages I’ve seen on the blogs because they intrigued me.

Suggestions from Blogland.

Suggestions from Blogland.

I know most people use them in smoothies so I wanted an idea of what would make the best smoothie for them to be added too.  I need to buy a blender this weekend (I’m really going to now after all the cool ideas and pondering it for months).  So I need to know what I need to become a smoothie making machine.  I love the idea of throwing stuff in the blender and letting it whirl while I fill my water bottle for work.  Hit me up with your ideas.


I also have this random jicama I found on sale at Whole Foods.  Any ideas for that would be welcomed as well.

So lonely...needs to be eaten.

So lonely...needs to be eaten.

So have you tried any new ingredients or recipes lately…Do you try things you see on blogs or do you just look at the yummy, delicious, sabroso (whipping out the spanish here) pictures and drool.  Tell me what your favorite recipes are.

**BTW I’ll be back later today with a cool eco idea I read about for all of us who eat healthy bars.  You’ll want to check this out.**

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  1. 08/10/2009 11:09 AM

    ooo good to know that Bear Nakes has a low-sugar option. Looks great!!

    • 08/10/2009 12:04 PM

      Yeah and its super yummy! There are whole almonds in it and it is good and crunchy the way I like it. I think the flavor I get is call Vanilla Almond from the Fit type. I think it has 4g of sugar but don’t quote me on it.

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