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Stocking up


Today after PT I had to stop into the grocery store and pick up some staples for the next two weeks.  Hunni and I like to make our menus at least two weeks in advance…well actually I like to make the menus when I’m bored and Hunni eats whatever.  To him its better than the mac and cheese and grilled hamburgers he ate almost everyday as a bachelor.  For me it is super easy to just look down my menus for the weeks and just make a list of what I need to complete the recipes. And it saves me super bucks by only having to get fruit and dairy every week.


Anyway this week I had so much fun at the grocery store because I was a bargain hunter.  I had my list and got what I needed but found some great deals on stuff I’ll need in the next few weeks for meals as well as some staples that I always like to have on hand.  I got over $100 worth of groceries for around $80.  Made me super happy.

Look at all I got for such a great deal.

Look at all I got for such a great deal.

Can you see how much I saved?  Almost $20!

Can you see how much I saved? Almost $20!

My favorite deal this week was the fact that I got some of the canned stuff I like to have on hand like kidney beans and tomato sauce on super mark down because they were dented.  I’m in love with the dented section because they always seem to have what I use regularly.  I must find the stock boy who drops my stuff all the time and thank him for my huge savings.  I even was able to pick up some Jello singles and cereal for Hunni that he likes.

Gotta love the dented section.

Gotta love the dented section.

I actually peruse the dented section all the time which is why my canned pantry shelf looks like this…

Stocking up at its finest. :-)

Stocking up at its finest. 🙂

I love to mark the tops of the cans with what they are so when I pull out my shelf I can quickly pick out what I need without having to look through all.  You know you are jealous that my shelves pull out.  Heck I’m jealous of the next person who gets to have this pantry when we finally move.

Labeled for a quick find.

Labeled for a quick find.

I can pull together a quick meal from this shelf in an instant.  If I know I don’t have time to make dinner that night I can just grab two cans of kidney beans, a can of tomato sauce, some salsa, chili powder, and some corn and an onion and poof I have chili.  Add a little cheese for Hunni or greek yogurt for me and we have a great meal. 

I am in love with my pantry and can’t wait to stock up again.  I like having lots of options.  It makes eating at home so much easier than cooking junk or eating out.

How do you stock your pantry?

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  1. 07/10/2009 9:12 AM

    oh, to have a pantry…I can’t wait 🙂

    I also think it’s awesome you get dented can discounts! i don’t think places do that here.

    • 07/10/2009 12:06 PM

      I love my pantry. All the bottom shelves slide out making it easier to find stuff. You might want to ask your grocer if they discount dented cans. They may not put them out but they may make them available.


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