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Real Runner?


Today was my first Physical Therapy appointment for my hip.  I was kind of nervous because I was going back to the same place I had PT for my back this time last year.  I was also kind of excited to see the people in the office and to get this whole thing straightened out.  This office is awesome because they work with the local college athletes a lot and wanted to make sure I could run after my back surgery so I knew they would fix my hip up good so that I could get back to running ASAP!


Peanut and Leo were not to happy with me being up and out the door at 8am.  They like to sleep in.


Momma you woke me up :-(

Momma you woke me up 😦

Sleepy peanut

Sleepy peanut


My PT office is such a familiar place because I spent a good 4 months there twice a week last year doing all sorts of exercises to get my back in good condition. 


Here we go again.

Here we go again.


I wasn’t seeing my original therapist but I was excited to have Steve this time.  When I told him my story he was so supportive.  He told me he’s a runner too and understands wanting to get back to running because you love it even if you have some limitations.  All the other people in the office stopped by to say hi.  It was like going to see family you haven’t seen in a while.  My old PT Dave told me he never wanted to see me in the office when he discharged me last years so when he saw me he asked how I was.  I told him my back was A-okay but I was running and injured my hip.  He smiled and said sounded good and they’d get me fixed up quick.  His wife (also a PT) stopped by and laughed when I told her I had been running and got tendonitis.  She said it may not be the smartest exercise for someone with my injury history but she was happy I could do it. 

I spent an hour and 15 minutes getting poked, prodded, measured and observed to see what the problem was.  I get nervous during these things because I don’t want to mess up.  I mean how can you mess up if something hurts and where it hurts but I get anxious and want to make sure I give them all the info.  Steve kept saying little phrases like “Your really loose here and really tight here”.  I didn’t know if that was good or bad.  He explained that my hips are very tight but my hamstrings are loose.  That means that I have good range in my hamstrings but not in my hips.  In fact my right hip has practically no range of motion out ward…darn troublemaker.  He’s going to work on it to make it more cooperative.  It better listen 🙂


Happy to be a real runner!

Happy to be a real runner!

He also noticed the turnout of my right hip that Dave noticed last year.  After all this it turns out I have ITB Syndrome.  My IT band is messed up and we need to work on it.  In fact both are bad but the right (where the tendonitis is) is worse. 


First Stretches

First Stretches


He gave me a list of stretches and some appointments for the next few weeks.  He said it will probably take about 6 weeks and I should be back to running only better.

It says ITB stretches!!!!

It says ITB stretches!!!!

Is it funny that this makes me feel like a real runner?  I mentioned this before when I went to see my doc originally because the injury was a real running injury.  I’ve read about ITB problems in Runner’s WOrld all the time and thought I’d never get that because I didn’t run enough.  Turns out I can.  I mentioned to Steve that I felt like a real runner and he said “Yeah you’re a real runner.  A real  bad runner but most runners are.”  I laughed.  I guess that’s why they talk about it so much in the running magazines. 

I guess I’m crazy to be happy for an injury.  I’m not so happy about the injury… I’m more happy that I have a reason for this one.   I got tired of telling people I don’t know what I did to my back to need surgery.  My back just decided to mess itself up.  At least this time I have a story.

So I get to stretch out my IT bands and strengthen them.  And maybe even my wayward hip will stop trying to turn out.  Steve says I’ll be good as new.  And to my joy he said don’t discount my pipe dreams of a marathon.  I may never be fast at them but with the right training and caution I could probably do one.  Now my head is in the clouds as I pop some ibuprofen from him twisting my hips all day.  They didn’t like it too much but I’ll love it as soon as I’m back to running. 🙂


What is your fitness “pipe dream”?  What can you do to achieve it?

**BTW I’ll be back later with another post.  I had some fun at the grocery store 🙂 **

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