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New Toys


The saying goes “Big Boys love Big Toys.”  We for Hunni his newest big toys are coming today…..a new washer and dryer 🙂  We have a functional dryer but our washer is kaput so we had to get both since we need to stack them.  The last two times we did laundry we had to drag it over to the Laundromat to wash it and then bring it home to dry it in our functional dryer (to save money).  We haven’t done this in years.  It was certainly a workout getting it down our apartment stairs, into the van and to the laundromat and then bringing it home a lot heavier because it was wet.  Needless to say Hunni is super happy for his new toys….he does the laundry 🙂


It got me thinking about all the toys and things I have for my fitness.  I have quit a bit and it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes all the stuff I have.  Especially since I don’t use a lot of it all the time.


My best stuff is my Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor.  I wear it for any exercise.  I’ve worn it walking around Washington DC for an entire day, running in races, doing yoga, taking the dogs on long walks…everything I consider exercise.  It is great because I can see my heart rate to determine if I need to up the intensity and I can see how much I’ve burned to give myself and estimate for how I’m doing for the week.  I love it…. and it’s pink!  You can see it in my 5K race pic from on the photos page.  Seriously the best investment ever and I bought it on Ebay.


I love my technical clothing.  I used to wear sweatpants and old T-shirts to run/exercise in.  I would just wear old race shirts and camp shirts so I didn’t have to spend money.  Then I realized as I was getting more intensity I was ummmm sweating more.  This lead to rashes and ewww backne (back acne).  This was not a nice side effect of getting healthy to say the least.  So I invested in a few key pieces…some good sports bras, a few moisture wicking shirts, and some good running pants/capris and shoes.  The upfront cost killed me…especially on shoes.  From a girl who normally buys shoes on sale because they were cute instead of functional, spending $100 on running shoes hurt.  But then my knees and back didn’t….surprise, surprise.  They lasted longer too.  And I felt more comfortable in my new exercise clothes.  I could go longer on my runs and workouts because my clothes didn’t get heavy and uncomfortable.  And they were a steal.  I went to TJ Maxx and Marshalls and got last season running gear for about 1/3 of a cost.  Momma taught me to bargain hunt.  I even got special socks for running/exercising which stopped the blisters and problems with my feet and allowed me to get more activity in.


I have a Wii with the My Fitness Coach game.  No Wii Fit yet.  But I love Mya my trainer.  She is just nice enough but she pushes me to do stuff.  Sad to say when I turn on my Wii and put on the game she is always disappointed with me.  I don’t use it very often and I really should.  It’s a great substitute for DVD’s which I don’t use much of either.  Both usually collect dust.  That’s some expensive dust. 


I have a step that I bought while I was doing Physical Therapy to do some of my exercise at home (I told you I was determined to get better) and I have some hand weights (4 & 5 pounds) and some wrist weights.  And I have some dyna-elastic bands that are used more for dog toys than for exercise.  And my exercise ball has been used as a chair more than a piece of exercise equipment.  Hunni gets kind of annoyed that they all sit in the corner of our living room and I take them out about once a month.  But I like knowing they are there for when the snowstorms hit and I can’t get out to go to the gym….although I usually sit on the couch in my college sweater under my snuggie watching Reality TV….just being honest.  


Finally I have a bike.  Hunni got his last year with some of our wedding money so he could use it to ride around town.  But I didn’t get mine until this year when my back was better and I could actually use it.  I love riding it but things got wicked crazy this summer and after June I didn’t get to ride much.  I love riding but there aren’t many safe places around here to ride.  So I usually try to ride on the bike trail about 20 minutes from here.  Needless to say I want to get out once more for the exercise and fun factor.  I like feeling strong riding for at least 1 hour and enjoying the scenery.  Besides it’s a comedy show to watch Hunni try to navigate around the geese on the trail that he says are trying to kill him.  “They are in gangs not gaggle :-)”


Sure I’ve got some other stuff like a yoga mat, a Pilates mat, etc and they get used occasionally.  I’m sure they miss me and I miss them occassionally.  I probably could get rid of my gym membership with all the stuff I have but then I wouldn’t have the weights/TM/Elliptical or large TV’s to choose from.  I guess I better rethink that and rethink getting more fitness toys…GARMIN *cough* *cough*.


What fitness toys/equipment do you have?  How do they help?  Do you use them regularly?

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  1. 29/09/2009 9:48 AM

    Yes, having proper shoes limits possible injuries and offers more support. Based on arch and pronation, some people REALLY have to have the right shoes.

    • 29/09/2009 2:28 PM

      You are so right. And I am one of them. WIthout my correct shoes I would have ruined my back again already.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. 29/09/2009 2:35 PM

    I love new fitness stuff. I have a foam roller that saves my day every day! I have may fitness dvd’s to pop in when i’m not wanting to go to the gym. Just too manyto list!! 😉 loved this post

    • 29/09/2009 6:48 PM

      Aww thanks. I may need to look into one of those foam rollers. I have heard they are good for runners.

  3. 29/09/2009 11:53 PM

    my wii fit is gathering dust. so sad!

    • 30/09/2009 2:05 PM

      My momma wants to buy me the EA active thing. I hear it’s better than the fit so she’s getting it for us for christmas. I hope it doesn’t become another expensive dust collector.

  4. 30/09/2009 6:59 AM

    I have lotttsa crap around here (sad but true) and yet the only thing I use with any regularity is my oldskool stationary bike!

    • 30/09/2009 2:07 PM

      We all seem to find things we love and use them. If I used my equipment I’m most likely to use yoga DVD’s since they aren’t as expensive as the studio.

      Kind of nice to know that MizFit even has stuff that doesn’t get used. Makes me feel better for the many layers of dust on my stuff.


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