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Mix it up


Life can get pretty boring.  I do the same types of things everyday, eat the same kinds of foods, do the same kinds of exercises, and watch the same kinds of TV shows each week.  I’m  creature of habit like I’ve said before.  I kind of like my habits, routines, and order. 


But yesterday I wanted to mix it up.  I was kind of bored of the order for the day so I mixed it up.  We scheduled a meeting Boston for the mid morning so I go up earlier than  I would normally and was out the door by the time I wold normally roll out of bed.  It was kind of nice to see that time of the morning for a change because it was cool and crisp and the leaves looked great in the mist on the hills.  I tried to take my own pictures but none turned out as good as the one I posted on my fall post.


For lunch we ate out at the Whole Foods Salad Bar but not our normal one.  Our normal WF is in Hadley and is near a college town so it is HUGE and Hunni likes that it has “healthy” pizza and fried chicken options.  This was a small store in Newton and I had to giggle when Hunni misread the signed and grabbed chili marinated tofu instead of grilled chicken.  He wasn’t too happy but it made me laugh. 🙂


For dinner I was on my own because Hunni was working with our teen program so I decided to mix it up too.  I had some leftovers that I wanted to use up.  So I mixed my half a serving of left over chili with half a serving of Black beans and salsa cous cous.  Nice texture and combo with some greek yogurt to make it creamy.

What could be better than yummy leftovers.

What could be better than yummy leftovers.


And dessert had to follow because I didn’t have the huge lunch I normally do.  So I took the rest of my greek yogurt, mixed in some sugar free butterscotch pudding powder (just a smidge), and add some new granola I bought at the store.  It was great!  So filling and so yummy.

The yogurt is trying to escape the bowl :-)

The yogurt is trying to escape the bowl 🙂

And the finally I traded in my extreme coffee and diet coke habit yesterday for tea.  I had been drinking so much caffeinated coffee that I was not comfortable with it and neither was my tummy.  So I only had one decaf yesterday while driving.  The rest of the day I had a combo of teas.  Some Honest Teas from Whole Foods and some regular teas from my cabinet.  I’m hoping this is a nice change.

My evidence.

My evidence.


Today I’m keeping up with the changes theme.  I’m working on Sunday stuff today because I’m going to see FAME with my friend Emily tomorrow!  Yeah for girls time 🙂


Do you like to change up your daily habits?  What have you changed lately?

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  1. 25/09/2009 3:05 PM

    I’ve never tried greek yogurt, where do you get it sweet,blan? I don’t really like to get out of my routine, if I do its ok, but I try to stay on schedule. The weekends are when i really “let lose” and do whatever. Who knows when i’ll be getting up or going to sleep…i’m CRAAZY like that.. ha hajk 🙂

    • 25/09/2009 3:51 PM

      I love Greek yogurt…it’s tart. If you like sweeter yogurt you can add fruit or honey or agave. I like to add fruit or sugar free pudding powder (just a dash). It can also replace sour cream in most dishes.

      I actually kind of have to schedul my being off schedule 🙂 My weekends are very planned just like my week so I consciously have to change it up.

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