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Put a little wiggle in it


With my current injury most movement has been limited.  I’ve tried to just do walking and it still kills.  I’ve made the decision to call the doctor to get the referral to Physical Therapy and see where it goes from there.  But until then I need to find some sort of movement to make me feel like I’m not being a complete bum.


For me that means adding a little extra movement where I can.  Weight Watchers says a minimum of 30 minutes of movement a day is all you need…not regular exercise.  So I’m trying that this week.  I can’t sit around feeling sorry that my hip is burning with the fiery passion of hell when I try regular exercise.


First I’ve tried to park a little farther away from wherever my destination is.  The small distance doesn’t bother my hip like walking on a TM or for exercise so it’s not so bad.  I go a couple of different places a day and so the little bits help.


I’ve been getting in my stretching as much as possible.  I little yoga during Biggest Loser last night… some stretching in bed before getting up this morning… touching my toes in the shower to loosen my back.  It all has helped because my back gets tight when I’m not exercising.


I’ve done lots of core work for yoga to help me with strength.  I do a lot of chatarungas and plank and boats because its key for my back strength.  I need to get to the gym so I can do real weights but I’ll have to avoid the legs since my hip would oppose.  Until then I love that yoga can be strength and stretching.


Little things like standing to cook dinner and stretching, getting up to get some of my own things instead of asking Hunni, and pacing while on the phone don’t seem like much to me normally.  But when I can’t get in my “normal” routines I’m just happy to get in something.


So putting a little pep in your step or a little wiggle in your movement can help with your health and, if you desire, weight loss if you are limited in other ways.  It may not be what you desire but changing your perspective may help you to take a more positive out look when your body doesn’t want to cooperate they way you would like.


What are some movements you like to throw in your day?  How do you adjust when you can’t get in your “regular” workout?

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  1. Brandi permalink
    24/09/2009 8:41 AM

    those are great ideas!

    I try to park farther away, too.

    I also take the stairs whenever i can, use the bathroom that’s the farthest away from my office, and try to go do SOMETHING at lunch to get me out of the office, even if it’s walking around Target.

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