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Peas in a Pod


I wish I had my camera right now but alas I’m a bad blogger.  So you all will just have to use your imagination.  Right now I’m on my couch under my red Snuggie (the good one from Bed Bath and Beyond not the felt kind) with my laptop on my well… lap and a sick puppy boy Leo snuggled up next to me and Peanut keeping my head warm trying to use my pillow too.  We look like a couple of peas in a pod and will stay this way until 11AM when Leo has his vet appointment…shhhh don’t tell him.  I’m hoping to get into the doc today for my hip too.

peasAnyways I was thinking about some people who are like my health and wellness “peas in a pod.”  I sometimes feel like I’m crazy with all my healthy off the wall eating habits sometimes so I like seeing and talking to people who are similar to me in their styles.  Now granted I’m not the identical to these bloggers and friends but I like knowing that we can learn a little from each of them.

Heather over at Heather Eats Almond Butter actually made me realize that its okay to not be able to eat sweets in moderation.  I kind of knew that about myself awhile ago and cut them out when I first started losing weight but then I kept hearing the “everything in moderation” mantra that never really seemed to work for me so I tried to force myself into that mold.  I’m actually much healthier and happier now that I’m not headed to the chocolate bars and ice cream all the time.  I enjoy my fruit for dessert and my body is very thankful.  So thanks Heather for being my “pea in a pod.”


Brandi at BranAppetit is definitely my pea in a pod for wanting to try new things and make sure her blog is full of great food but also fun facts and helpful info.  I loved when she posted about Yoga Month.  I got to try my hot and heated yoga for free because of that.  She’s the first blog I open everyday in my reader because I can’t wait to see what she says next.  And I love her mission mind.  She sees how she can help the world around her and enjoy herself doing it.  Jovenes is so blessed for the work she does there.  Brandi you are such “a pea in the pod.”


Toby with baby Cate at dinner.

Toby with baby Cate at dinner.

My friend Toby is seriously like my sister… At least I feel that way a lot.  I can talk to her about pretty much everything.  I’m inspired by her activity (she does Triathalons and Kayaking) and how she keeps her life interesting and fun.  I love learning new things from her.  And we must think on the same brain when it comes to food because she’ll cook something and it will have been on my menu for that week or I will just have cooked it.  I can’t wait to spend time with her again and enjoy some time either trying out an awesome restaurant or doing some good exercise.  I think we are “twin peas in a pod.”


I stole this pic from Lydia herself.

I stole this pic from Lydia herself.

I love my friend Lydia.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She’s my rock a lot lately.  I can call her up and just talk and tell her what’s going on and she won’t judge.  I love that I have a friend in Hawaii who just loves life and the Lord as much as I do.  I’m super happy that she gets to enjoy paradise for a few years and I’m trying my hardest to go visit.  And I love that she understands my frustration with injury because she’s dealt with her own.  Lydia you are truly a “pea in my pod.”


Me and Made with William Booth at my Wedding :-)

Me and Made with William Booth at my Wedding 🙂

And finally my friend Madelaine is one of my most favorite “peas in a pod.”  She’s a small Cuban Lady with lots of fire but we clicked from the beginning.  I love her entire Cuban attitude because we could speak Spanglish all the time and truly know what each other were saying.  We both started our healthy eating/ living lifestyles at the same time.  We turned in our lunch dates at the great italian restaurant in our small town for walking around town and step classes at our teeny tiny gym.  We tried cooking healthy and loved every second of it. We still support each other through email and occasional phone calls to tell how we are doing with our health and life in general.  I miss her good black beans and rice but I’m happy she taught me to make my own before I moved.  I’m her “pea in a pod” or maybe a black bean in a pod 🙂


So do you have anyone you consider yourself to be your “pea in a pod”?  What makes the that way?

I love these ladies and I’m glad I can learn a little from each of them instead of just being a carbon copy of someone.  I’m me and the are them and it’s awesome!

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