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You all know I was out-of-town this week with Hunni for meetings.  This involved travel on Monday and Friday as well as days full of meetings with almost no breaks…I was exhausted most nights.  In fact I’m still exhausted and my dogs had to drag me out of bed this morning.  And usually I can get my sermon for church done if I have about an hour or two of free time but that did not exist this week.  We got back around midnight Saturday and ran like crazy yesterday to get stuff done for today as well as pick up our dogs and actually get some food in our house.  But no sermon got done.


Do I have you scared yet?  The pastor has no sermon for Sunday and neither does Hunni (he’s the other pastor).  Nope no sermon.  But I did have enough foresight into this happening that last friday I asked for an officer/pastor from Headquarters in Boston to come lead our church meeting.  Two of our good friends/teachers from seminary who are now leaders at HQ are coming this morning to preach and do the larger parts of our meeting that would just have been too overwhelming to prepare.  I’m so excited to have someone else come and preach and lead this week so I can sit back and be part of the congregation.  It will be a blessing.  ANd we get to have lunch at a cute restaurant with our friends to thank them for their help.  SUre I have to lead the songs and prayer time but I am stress free right now instead of the bundle of open wires about to combust that I would have been if I hadn’t asked for help.


It’s the same with my Weight Loss.  I can’t do this on my own.  Trust me I’ve tried.  I’ve tried to rely on myself and not tell anyone I was doing this and expect my brain to be able to understand I can’t eat the yummy buffalo wings and garlic knots and stick with my salad.  I definitely can’t expect my brain to understand that I need to eat the small ice cream instead of the large sunday (prior to me giving up sweets).  And there is no way my body would have understood that it had to get up and actually run even though it was not being chased by anyone or anything.


Instead I’ve had to ask for help all along the way.  I had to ask my friends when I first started to do an exercise date like walking instead of going to the pizza place or if we did go out to pick a healthier option than Friendly’s or chinese.  I had to ask Hunni to not keep treats in the house that I would binge on so he hid them in the closet in his game room instead 🙂  And I’ve had to ask Hunni to be my workout partner at times.  He likes to be with me even if that means riding his bike for 10 miles to the mall just to walk around or running a 5K on a Saturday morning when he’d rather sleep.  He usually has fun in the end but not at first.


So asking for help is key!  I couldn’t do a lot of what I do if Hunni was always eating foods that make me want to go overboard in front of my face.  I couldn’t enjoy going to the yoga studio if he wasn’t taking care of somethings at home.  I couldn’t afford my trainer if we weren’t willing to give up eating out more.  These are things I had to ask for help with to help me and you know what…it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  People were more receptive that I ask for help up front instead of getting grumpy when “there is nothing I can eat on the menu” or “I don’t have time to exercise” or “I’m getting fat and my clothes don’t fit.”  It really does help to think ahead of what you can’t do instead of just going it alone.  It’s boring to be all alone.


For Meg & Nance!

For Meg & Nance!

Have a great Sunday in church or however you are resting today.  God bless!

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  1. Brandi permalink
    21/09/2009 8:25 AM

    great post 🙂 Having support is such a big help – just knowing that you have people pulling for you and willing to help makes it easier to make those decisions, for sure.

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