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Yummy food fun!


As much as I like local food I also like trying things that I can’t normally get at home when I travel. I’ve had the typical Starbucks daily to get my caffeine fix but I’ve also enjoyed so local restaurants.  I don’t want to eat the same thing I could get back home or at any chain across the nation.


The first place Hunni and I ate for breakfast was a cute little cafe/bakery called Marigolds right near our hotel.  It was written in Frommers a few year back and had come strongly recommended by the front desk at the hotel.  I had an amazing latte and a crossaint grilled with egg whites and ham.  So yummy and it came with a cute little fruit kabob.  It was days like these that I wish I was a food blogger.  I had my camera  and took a few photos of things like my food and the amazing view of the Rockies out the window as we ate.  But they were all weird and I didn’t like them.  I don’t know how to take good pics of food.


We also tried Jimmy Johns gourmet subs.  I know it’s a chain but not a chain we have at home.  I had heard great things about their sandwiches and was happy to go in and try out something that was different from my normal subway ham with honey mustard and tons of veggies.  I ate a veggie combo with no may on the regular roll.  It was great except the bread.  It tasted fine but left me feeling not full enough because of the lack of fiber.  But I loved the combo of sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, provolone and avocado spread.  It tasted like the strange combos I put on my own salads or sandwiches.  But the best part was all the crazy signs like “If you want a faster sub make it yourself” and “We’d love to see you naked but state law requires shirt and shoes” and “Free smells.”  The signs kept us entertained while we waited for our food.  Apparently we didn’t know the procedure because we got annoyed looks when we didn’t order by number and move to the end of the station to pick it up.  Good food but I probably wouldn’t make a special trip to go there again.


I also got to try Jason’s Deli for the first time.  My friends on WW rave about that place and their food.  So last night while I waited for Hunni to get out of a meeting I decided to find a place for dinner for me (he ate before his meeting) and ended up there.  I was so overwhelmed with the selection.  My friends always rave about their salad bar but I had been been eating salad all week and the gingerbread muffins looked too tempting to be all you could eat.  So I ate a grilled portabello wrap and a bowl tomato basil soup.  Delicious and so worth it.  Until later when I looked up the points for the wrap and discovered it was 17 points by itself.  Thank God it was soooooo yummy and I had been eating healthy all week even though I’m not home (see Out of Routines post for how).


Tonight was our last full night here in Colorado.  So we headed out to Garden of the Gods and enjoyed a walk…until Hunni thought he lost our camera and I was really annoyed.  Turns out he didn’t take it out of the rental car so I didn’t have to kill him….Just Kidding!  We drove around some more of the park, climbed some rock formations for some amazing pictures, and explored the trading post where we bought Pecan honey butter and some cool post cards for my little cousins.  Also grabbed another Starbucks while there to hold us over until we got changed for dinner.  Crazy that they have a Starbucks in the park but I’m not complaining.


Dinner was supposed to be at the place we had breakfast at on Tuesday because the secretary at the meeting location said it was awesome.  They have a limited menu of dinner meals that changes daily.  We looked at the list and thought it all looked good but not good enough for tonight.  We just weren’t up for a huge heavy meal.  So we headed out to a road we knew had lots of restaurants.  We stopped in a place called Rumbi assuming it was a sit down place from the look of the outside.  But when we entered it was a nice faster food place but not “fast food”.  It was a nice combo called Island food.  Hunni ordered Honey-Orange Glazed Chicken with White rice and I had Carribean chicken and shrimp with brown rice and caesar salad.  Soooo good and the price was awesome.  Of course it was a chain but not a chain we have anywhere near me.  It satisfied our need for food we can’t get at home while still being reasonably cheap. 


So I guess we didn’t do great at eating at local restaurants.  We opted for local chains that we don’t have at home.  But I’m happy that we were adventurous and tried things we don’t have the option for instead of getting the same Ruby Tuesdays and Applebees that are everywhere.  Tomorrow we are going to grab some Schlotzsky’s Deli before we head to the airport so that we don’t have to pay the outrageous Airport food prices.  Food has been great and I liked the change.

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  1. 18/09/2009 9:09 AM

    i love being able to try new things when I’m traveling! all those places sound great.

  2. Chelle permalink
    19/09/2009 10:01 AM

    Oh you’ve made miss me CO so much with your posts!

    In case you want it, there’s a Jimmy Johns in Albany!

    • 19/09/2009 11:38 AM

      Really Chelle?! I wanted to try the veggie sandwich again with regular bread. We (you and me) may have to make a trip out there for lunch sometime 🙂

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