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But I like my routines…


AHHHHH!  This week Hunni and I are in Colorado for some meetings that we needed to attend but they are driving me nuts. The content of the meetings is FABULOUS but the timing of them is worse than my own schedule at home.  No time for anything or anyone and my stomach is complaining about when it’s going to get it’s next nourishment.  Being out of my normal eating routine and patterns is not good for me.


I’ve already told you many times that I don’t do well with change.  Change and I are less like friends and more like mortal enemies.  I avoid having to change things, patterns, ideas unless absolutely possible.  I like my routines and I think they work for me…most of the time.  But this week my routines that I love so much are just not possible.  My google calendar looks schizophrenic with all the meetings I’m trying to attend and fitting in food and some of the fun I wanted to have.  I’m so freaking close to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods that I can breathe in that lovely thin mountain air (my headache tells me that) and the Core Power Yoga studio that Heather attended during her vacation is a stones throw down the road that I just have to get in there for some hot yoga that my lovely yoga studio back home doesn’t offer.  But I’m going nuts to fit it all in.  I know it’s all great and I want to do it all but that probably ain’t gonna happen isn’t within my control.


Walking did my body good.

Walking did my body good.

So what have I done to make sure that even though most stuff is out of my control this week that I keep some semblance of sanity.  There are a few things and they are working for the most part.

While traveling in the airports:

  • I made sure to walk to get some exercise before my flight and during my layover.  It would have been easy to sit for the 3 hours and eat and do work on my laptop with the wi-fi because I was traveling from 10AM EST to 10PM MTS.  But I left the heavy carry-on bags with Hunni who wanted to take a nap and took a nice long walk around the terminal.  It was relaxing and especially allowed me to stretch after my first flight. 


  • Speaking of walking…I avoided the moving sidewalks.  I had my carryon on my should and walked faster than the people on those things who were just standing there.  That little extra bit of walking made me feel strong.  Nothing wrong with them if you need them because of kids or injury (I used them when my back was bad) but if you can walk…do it!


  • While you are walking scope out the food options.  I applaud Kath for packing her lunches for her flights.  And I hope to do so for at least one of the return flights.  But I did not have time on Monday to do so and I had to fly over lunch and dinner so I couldn’t pack both.  But I did use my walk to scope out where the best/healthiest options were instead of going with the thing closest to my gate (McD’s).  This way when I was hungry I knew where to go to get something that wouldn’t throw me way off points for the day.  I had a mediterranean salad at lunch, sushi and a light Jamba Juice at dinner and a fruit and yogurt parfait from Starbucks for a snack… and way too much Diet Coke because it is cheaper than water (but I did guzzle the one bottle I bought and lots on the planes.)


  • Pack some snacks!  I’m a notorious packer.  I preplan and pack ahead as much as possible (except the aforementioned lunches above).  So in my carry-on I packed raw almonds, some luna bars, and some fruit.  It gave me enough things that would hold me over if I needed and would have to spend an arm and a leg on food at the airport…where water is $3.50 instead of the normal $1.50 at home.

During the visit

  • Get a room with a refrigerator.  Hunni and I have a sweet at one of those long stay places because we are here for a week.  We are blessed we also have a kitchen so we can cook some stuff (if we have time).  This means we went to WF and bought $75 worth of groceries to feed us for breakfasts, some lunches and some dinners for 4 days instead of spending $25 – $30 a meal to eat out.  The savings is dramatic and made my coupon clipping brain happy.  Besides I got to pick up some great things they don’t sell at my WF at home to try…but that’s for another post.


  • Ask the locals about restaurants.  If you tell your hotel clerk what kind of restaurant you are looking for they are probably able to help you.  It’s a lot easier than just using the good ol’ WWW or GPS and hoping for the best.  At least they can kind of describe to you what is available for you to make your decision.  We tried an awesome little cafe for breakfast yesterday on recommendation from our hotel clerk.  (I got great pics and hope to post sometime today or tonight)


  • Drive around town to see the restaurants near your meetings.  Our meetings are all at the same building so we checked out the area to see where we could run out for a quick bite.  A sit down dinner isn’t possible so knowing the faster food options was key yesterday when we had 20 minutes for lunch.  I got a great Jimmy John’s sandwich and some diet coke (I promise it was the only one yesterday).


  • Plan in some rest/relaxation.  My mind is still on EST time even though I’m not in that timezone…crazy brain…does that mean I have jet lag?  Anyway I’m using it to my advantage.  I figure it’s easier to stay this way since I’ll be home friday than to really adjust since it’s only 2 hours.  So I work up at 6.00am MTS time yesterday and hit the gym.  I’m not normally a morning person so it was hilarious to comprehend watching the TODAY show while walking on the treadmill.  And I needed it because 20 minutes into my workout I started getting crazy work calls but that belongs in a post about stress not this one 🙂  Also I’m going to try hot yoga tonight when I have some free time.  I could sit around and watch TV but yoga is so relaxing that I’m really excited.  Now I just need to make sure I can rent a mat while there since I didn’t bring mine.


  • Remember this is not vacation and you do not want to have to “fix” your habits when you get home.  I don’t know if this will work for everyone but for me this is huge.  I have a per diem from work for meals and it would be easy to just eat out for everything, not drink water, and snack til my hearts content.  But then I know I would feel like crap and have to get back into the healthy habits later.  It was sooooooo freaking hard to not order a treat yesterday at Starbucks while working on some things.  It was soooooo freaking hard to not buy some ice cream when I saw Ciao Bella at the Newark Airport…. but I know I’ve worked hard to avoid the sweets starting last week and I don’t want to lapse back into the old habits and have to start from scratch.  (Instead I had some extra coffee and Diet coke 🙂  )


Being out of routine really throws me off.  But it’s something I have to deal with for travel for work.  I have to go on another trip…albeit shorter in October and then again in January.  It’s easy to get frustrated but I can’t let that stop me from the habits that I’ve learned.  I don’t want to let it stop me.  I like me the way I am and have to fit my lifestyle into the life I lead with work.  Is if always fun and easy…heck no…but it works because life changes constantly and it’s something I have to learn to adapt to.

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  1. 16/09/2009 9:12 AM

    Great tips! I must admit I do treat myself at the airport, but a bagel with cream cheese is not half bad. It’s better than McDonald’s! Who wants to smell like pickles on an airplane anyways? 🙂

  2. 16/09/2009 2:44 PM

    great, great travel tips, especially the packing snacks + walking as much as possible!

    I hope you two have a GREAT trip and enjoy all your time out there 🙂 I’ve never been, but it’s so beautiful.

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