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Hip Update


So I just got off the phone with the doctor’s office.  She said give it another week of rest while I am in Colorado and start alternating heat and ice.  Keep taking the Advil; no walking; and try to rest it and do some yoga for stretching.  She said if I get back and it’s not better she’ll get me in for some Physical Therapy for it.  Big bummer for me.  I guess this means no running in the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 


I’m actually super bummed.  I was doing so well with my 10K training and now I’m worried I may not be in good enough shape to run the thing.  My friend is coming to run it with me.  She lives in Syracuse and is driving here so we can drive together to Boston.  I’m super bummed.  Here’s hoping some more rest and I might be able to at least run/walk the thing.  I definitely won’t be doing it at my new fun speed 😦

My new favorite show...for now.

My new favorite show...for now.

Sorry for the bummer.  I will pick myself up and use this as a good reason to actually get in the yoga I’ve been lacking.  I need to get back into that habit for my back.  I did half an hour at lunch and I’m planning on doing an hour later tonight.  And I guess I can go for a nice walk in the Garden of the Gods and takes some awesome pics for the blog instead of running with no camera.  It will work out…Just not the way I wanted I guess.

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