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Non-techie Momma


So I kind of lost my iPod a few weeks ago…actually I know what happened to it.  I left it at the gym because I was watching TLC instead of listening to it (those Duggar’s are fascinating) and left it in the cup holder thingie instead of taking it home.  I just forgot I brought it with me to the gym so it didn’t make it home.  Poor thing was lonely…but not for long.  Someone must have taken it home to live with them because it never got turned into the lost and found.  I mean who would want to turn in a cute little 8g iPod nano with an awesome mix of Top 40 hits and Metallica (the Metallica is Hunni’s choice). 


Needless to say I was a bit bummed.  My old cool black 2g iPod died back in March and I just bought this new one on a trade in back in April.  I loved the upgrade and had to spend lots of time upgrading the contents too.  You see I can’t have iTunes on my computer because it is my work computer and I’m not allowed to download stuff.  So the last time I had updated my old one was back in like 2006 on my dad’s computer.  I just got used to all my old standby music and didn’t bother to change it because of the hassle.  Dad lives in South Carolina and I don’t (I live much farther north).  Just not worth it to update it.  So when I bought my new green one I had to wait until June when I went to visit Momma to download music.  I spent a day picking out all the stuff I wanted and making my wallet a little lighter.  It takes some serious cash to fill 8g and I definitely didn’t fill it.


So when my cute little green iPod got stolen I didn’t have the cash to go to Apple and buy a brand new one.  Instead a purchased a cool used blue one from eBay.  It arrived and the package reeked of smoke.  *cough, cough*  I was hoping I could take a 2 day trip to Momma’s house in PA to upload the songs myself but that was just not in the stars before Hunni and I travel to Colorado next week.  I want to run (or walk if my hip objects) in the Garden of the God’s right near where we are staying but need some sort of music so my own thoughts don’t ruin the scenery. 


This lead to me overnighting the newbie to Momma and having her download the music.  Only problem is Momma is so not techie it makes me giggle.  She owns a computer and knows how to use Quicken, the internet (kinda) and her favorite games.  Other than that she’s clueless.  I’ve had to fix many a thing on her computer for her over the phone or the few occasions I can get to visit.  It’s so funny because my dad is a computer programmer (they are divorced).  So Momma called last night and I gave her simple instructions.  She was so proud that she actually knew how to plug it in before she called (I was giving her directions and she said “I did that all ready :-)”).  I told her how to erase the crap that came on this iPod and sync it with my stuff.  Everything was going swimmingly until she unhooked it to check that the music was on it and it said ZERO songs.  What??!!! How can their be zero.  I thought she may have not done it correctly so we spend the next half hour going through all she could have done wrong.  Finally a light bulb went off in my head and I asked her to check the Library for the songs…there weren’t any.  This is when Momma proceeds to tell me she deleted iTunes a few weeks after my last visit to “clean up her desktop” and then downloaded it again when I asked her to do this.  Okay…that’s the problem.  By this point Momma is starving because she has low blood sugar, she missed dinner at grandpa’s house and she is getting frustrated at the computer who is not cooperating (her words).  I told her to just stop for now and we’d pick it up again today after she had dinner and rested.


I couldn’t stop giggling when I got off the phone.  Momma is such a wonderful person and one of my best friends…but techie she is not.  I got all the instructions written down so when she calls in about half an hour it should take a few simple steps.  Let’s just say Momma doesn’t want an iPod of her own :-).


So what does this have to do with a Weight Loss blog besides give me a reminder of how funny Momma can be when I come back and read it later.  Well it reminded me of how frustrating it can be to lose weight when you don’t really have the skills.  From about the time I turned 12 and realized I had gained weight when my parents divorced I put myself on a variety of diets.  You name it I probably did it at one point.  I had no concept that only drinking slim fast products or only eating frozen dinners wasn’t the answer.  I just couldn’t live like that!  So as soon as I got frustrated I stopped.  It wasn’t until I really learned the info for losing weight that I could actually put it into practice.  Once I learned that having a cookie (or several) didn’t mean I failed, it just meant I had to adjust in other areas later, I could start to actually see progress and keep with it.  I’m still learning today.  I’m still learning that my body has reactions to sugar and diet soda that I don’t like.  But I can’t use the excuse that I just don’t know and get frustrated and quit.  I have to keep trying. 


To Momma’s credit she kept trying even though she was very frustrated and hungry.  She wanted to do it right and she wanted to help me.  I love her very much for that.  And I know that if she really did want to learn she could… but it’s just not something she really wants to or needs to learn.  Hence the reason when I buy her a GPS for Christmas I am going to pre-load all her addresses for her so all she has to do is push the button…Gotta love her 🙂

Me and Momma on my wedding day :-)

Me and Momma on my wedding day 🙂

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