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I’m Santa

Yesterday was full of great fun.  I started with my trainer in the morning who is an awesome woman who pushes me and works my butt off.  More about her later.  Then I went crazy at the office and had a million things to do.  I wish my To-Do list would stop growing.  Must hide the fertilizer.  But tis the time of the year.  Lists never stop from now until New Year’s around here.  The craziest is just for the Holiday seasons but they start in August.  Ahhhh!  It kind of makes me not like Christmas…but naaaahhh I still love it.  The day of though…not the entire season.

After work I putzed around my office trying to work on a few last minute things.  I made a flyer to put in the local colleges so that students know we have church and will pick them up.  That was key when I was in college because I didn’t have a free ride.

Then I drove to the nearest quilting store to pick up batting to finish this….

Finished product with pink back and fluffy middle :-)

Finished product with pink back and fluffy middle 🙂

I also filled out the card for Rachel’s wonderful parents and included some Gift Cards to some local restaurants so mommy and daddy don’t have to cook or do dishes.  They are busy people and I love them.

Carraba's is the daddy's favorite!

Carraba's is the daddy's favorite!

I also had fun buying more presents for some great women in my life.  They are awesome friends and I wanted to let them know.  So I purchased some great cards and some gifts that remind me of them. 


Crack in a Jar!

Crack in a Jar!

Great Coffee from a Great Local Coffee Place

Great Coffee from a Great Local Coffee Place

 It is so much fun buying just little gifts for friends.  I actually get more fun out of buying gifts than getting them.  I can’t wait to make a baby quilt for my trainer’s little boys when they are getting ready to come home in November.  She has become a great friend and I’m so happy for her.
Do you like giving or receiving gifts more?
I’m also super jealous.  My trainer just had triplets and she’s already back to work.  She worked right up until she was put into the hospital when her water broke 11 weeks early.  The babies were delivered later that week when she went into complete labor and they couldn’t hold them off anymore.  I guess the little guys wanted to meet the world.  They are doing fine.  A few bumps in the road like all preemies but they are expected to be perfectly healthy and go home around their due date. 
But the fact that my trainer worked for so long instead of going on bed rest and got back to work so soon shows me that it is so much better to be in good health.  Her doctors told her that just like me she was able to recover because she had a healthy body before hand.  If she wasn’t fit she would have been on bed rest so much sooner, had to stay in the hospital recovering a lot longer and would be still be resting for several more weeks.  Her little boys were bigger than most preemies at that age because she was so fit and her heart was working so well.  And as mom she’ll have much more energy with them because of her fitness level.
For me if I wasn’t in shape before I wouldn’t be running now.  I was the amazement of my neurosurgeon’s office, the Physical Therapy office and my primary doctor.  People with my type of injury usually do not have this type of recovery.  I was told normally they have residual pain and soreness and never run again.  But I’m running and full speed ahead.  I was off the pain killers quickly and breezed through PT.  I was the star pupil.
Just think about some of the money you could save on health care if you would make one or two small changes.  Get more exercise, eat healthier, lose weight, or stop smoking.  You could save yourselves big bucks in the future and feel better all around.
Question: What is one health change you have made that makes you feel better? 
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  1. bites4change permalink
    09/09/2009 11:19 PM

    I think yoga. Any kind of exercise is good for my mental health. By nature, I’m a nervous person and exercise is the perfect remedy for me. Yoga helps me to be still, a skill that still needs more work!

    Glad your trainer’s little ones are doing well. Quite the story!

    • 10/09/2009 10:36 AM

      I love yoga and you are so right that it makes you be still. You can’t keep going, going, going when you are just breathing through the movements.

      Thanks for the comment!

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