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Paging Dr. Cynthia…


My aforementioned fear of going to my Primary Doctor and having her tell me not to run directed me to spend some time on WebMD searching Hip Pain.  After some looking around I have determined I probably have bursitis in my hip.  The symptoms are as follows:

This is a shoulder but you get the idea.

This is a shoulder but you get the idea.

What Are the Symptoms of Bursitis?

  • Pain, inflammation, and swelling in the shoulders, elbows, hips, or knees, particularly during stretching or extending the joint during exercising, lifting, or otherwise pushing the joint to its limits.
  • Restricted or lost range of motion in a joint, especially affecting the shoulder, with or without immediate pain.
  • Muscle weakness due to pain.

Turns out that my bold attempt to start my 10K training in the middle wasn’t the brightest idea.  Sure I had been running but not at such a feverish pace and not as long.  So I might have caused my hip to be inflammed due to overuse….booo on my hip.  At least this isn’t major and I can rest it up to get back to it.  I need to rest for a few days which is not my favorite thing to do.  But it did say stretching was good so Yoga will be my friend this week.  I see some downward dogs and pigeons in my future. 


This is what my dog Leo does...Looks like I'll join him.

This is what my dog Leo does...Looks like I'll join him.








I will be calling the doc if this persists.  WebMD was kind enough to give me a check list of when I should call (I love lists!).

Call Your Doctor About Bursitis If:

  • Pain in a joint persists more than a few days; you may be experiencing bursitis or tendinitis, a strained ligament or tendon, or the onset of arthritis.
  • You are unable to move the affected area, which may progress to a frozen joint.
  • Swelling persists after taking a painkiller or anti-inflammatory agent as prescribed. You may need to have a doctor drain fluid from the affected joint, or you may need steroid injections into the joint to decrease inflammation.
  • You have a fever with your bursitis symptoms; it may have become infected.

So far no fever and I can still move.  I’m off to get some anti-inflammatory for the pain and hope it all works.  I’ll know to take it a bit easier next time.  But I’m kind of proud to have my first real running injury…I feel like a real runner now 🙂 (Yes I’m strange.)

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