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1000 Awesome Things


I’ve really grown addicted to reading blogs… especially healthy lifestyles ones.  I like to stalk other peoples blogrolls to find new ones I might like and add them to my reader.  About a month or so ago I stumbled across Kristin at IowagirlEats.  She has a nice feel about her food that doesn’t seem to forced or fussy.  I love that she has been doing this new salad challenge and I’m really inspired to try it myself because the food looks so awesome in her pictures 🙂

But now to the point…one of the first posts of hers I read talked about this blog 1000 Awesome Things.  These are no ordinary awesome things (if something awesome could be ordinary?).  They are basic everyday types of occurrences that just make you think “Wow that’s awesome!” 

Some of my favorites are:

#995 Finding Money you didn’t even know you lost:  I’ve done this and it’s like free money to blow 🙂

#937 The Smell of Rain on a Hot sidewalk:  Nothing better than going for a nice walk and getting caught in a little rain shower and smelling the summer.

#877 Getting in Line just before it gets really long:  I am a PRO at this a I love it!

#769 When something you are already going to buy is on sale:  I get a huge smile on my face with this and it might actually make me go back and get another.

and finally #699 A long hug when you really need it:  I got one of these this weekend from a friend who has no idea what’s going on right now and it just felt good.  I didn’t even need to tell her I needed it.

So enjoy…Go putz around on that blog and think of all the little Awesome things in life.  And the commentary on them is HILARIOUS!

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  1. Brandi permalink
    31/08/2009 9:56 AM

    i love finding random money 🙂 AND the line one, too. so great when that happens.

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