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Packing for trips


**This was written on Thursday night because I am Out of Town until Sunday Night and will have limited Internet access**

With my job I have to go out of town about once a month.  Sometimes it’s just for the day and sometimes its for several.  But it always brings with it a lot of packing in preparation.  I’d love to be one of those girls who can just pack a carry on for a trip and leave it at that…but I can’t.  I not only have to take my clothes but I have to take workout attire, uniforms, and snacks.  Without all these things I would go nuts.  Now granted I don’t always use them all (sometimes I only use half of the workout stuff I pack) and sometimes I have to purchase more stuff (extra running socks on one trip)…but I always live with the motto “better safe than sorry.”  Thank God most of the time I’m not flying and don’t have to pay extra for more stuff.

So here is what I normally pack for more than a day trip:

  1. My small rolling suitcase is usually full of workout clothes.  I pack my HRM, running shoes, enough running socks for the number of days plus 2 extra, Running tights/capris for most days, enough sports bras, Technical shirts, head bands and sunscreen and bodyglide. 

    Laid out minus a few things.

    Laid out minus a few things.

  2. My large suitcase has my uniform items (skirts, pants, pantyhose, shirts, sweaters or tunic for cold or formal, shoes) and casual clothes for non-workout and uniform times.  I also include my toiletries bag in this one.
  3. Snacks in my canvas bag.  I like to take Clif Z bars, Luna bars, fruit, oatmeal, cereal and other non-perishables.  This allows me to make the healthy choices instead of the crap.

    Minus the fruit I bought the next day.

    Minus the fruit I bought the next day.

Now like I said I wish I was a lighter packer but I’m the one who has to pack it and Hunni loads it in the van for me.  The only time I ever regretted my over-packing was when I was traveling alone on the train after my surgery.  I had a cane and had to pull my little suit case by myself.  Even that was too much with the bare minimum.

Sure it takes a bit to pack but I do it the night before and have a method to my madness because I do it so often.  It helps me stay on track as much as possible away from home.  Heck…Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance.  🙂

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  1. Chelle permalink
    29/08/2009 3:46 PM

    What’s a technical shirt?

    Hope you have fun!

    • 30/08/2009 10:10 PM

      Technical shirts are moisture wicking and sport fabric. They don’t get heavy like regular t-shirts. They make it easy to stay warm/cool on runs without the raw skin and chaffing I get from regular shirts.

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