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Uh oh and Good Job


Sorry for the late posting.  Today has been crazy and I just go home.  I normally get home on Saturday morning around 10 or 10.30 but today everything was just not good and I just now got hom.

thunderstormNow first the Uh ohs.  Yesterday I was going to run the trails but got side tracked and then huge storms hit.  We’re not talking a little rain I could run in but torrential downpours that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.  So needless to say that didn’t happen.  So I ended up running on the Treadmill last night after I weight lifted.  Note to self:  NOT A GOOD IDEA!  I was tired and sore from lifting and my good yoga session so I could only do the first half of my run :-(.  I had to stop and walk and just ended up leaving early because I was frustrated.  But today is a new day and I’ll get in the full 2.5 miles today before starting the Week 5 tomorrow.

Another Uh Oh.  I went to look at washers yesterday and found one I like but didn’t get all the info from the salesperson helping me.  He kept trying to read the little card on the washer.  Hey dude…I can do that!  I wanted more details and he had no answers.  He also told me I could stack the perfectly good old dryer on the new washer.  I was skeptical so I went back today.  Turns out the new guy said probably not. 😦  So now I have to resubmit my proposal to get both and sell the old dryer to off-set the cost.  Eeek not what I was expecting.

On more Uh oh.  Because of the aforementioned run, yoga and weights yesterday I was up on the scale at Weight Watchers.  I expected it and I know that the overall trend is important.  I know I needed the exercise and needed to get in the weights.  That doesn’t mean I’m not a bit disappointed to see a gain.  But the good news is I went and Weighed In.  I did it and I owned it.  Exercise for health is more important than the weight.

Now for the good job end of things.  I realized today my overall healthy life has improved all things.  I was talking with a WW friend about how she was able to recover better from her surgery last December and it struck home.  My docs had warned me that I may never get back to running and I may always have pain.  But I went with it.  I did all the exercises required and keep doing what I’m told.  I am the exception to the rule.  Most people who have my surgery don’t run again and do have pain…But I don’t!  It may take more work to ensure I don’t (weights, cardio, yoga) but I love those things.  So I”m kind of proud of myself today for recognizing that I am healthy and I am actually in better shape now that I was pre-injury.  I’m truly blessed and I could ask for nothing better. runner woman

Question: How do you feel when you gain weight?  What benefits has your healthy lifestyle given you?

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