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Day off…what’s that?


Well today is technically my day off.  I get Friday off because I work on Sundays (I’m a pastor) and I kinda get Saturday’s off unless I have work to do for Sunday (which I do this week).  Normally I just work on Fridays anyway because if work has to get done, it has to get done.  So today I’m trying to take it easier than I normally do because this rush, rush, rush pace I’ve had the last two weeks is really wearing on me.  I need a break and I think my body is telling me so.  We all need a break every now and again right? 

So today here is my plan:

  1. Sleep in…if you count 8am sleeping in, which I do 🙂 alarm
  2. Yoga on FitTV with Sara Ivanhoe…I need to loosen up my hips and back.  I’m so sore.
  3. Blogging and Blog Reading.  I love this and its a nice escape.  To live vicariously through you all is so much fun for me when I get stuck in the day in day out of here.
  4. Running!  I’m addicted to my training schedule because now I have a race I want to run.  I like a goal to look forward to so I’m excited.
  5. Washer shopping.  Our current is kind of broken and will cost almost $500 to replace so we just are going to get a better one that won’t break again.  This is technically work (the apartment belongs to The Salvation Army) but I like shopping 🙂
  6. Planning grocery shopping.  I bought some stuff yesterday but need some stuff at TJ’s and I’m going that way this coming wednesday.
  7. Weights.  I haven’t lifted all week and I need it.  I’ll hit the gym this afternoon to do so.
  8. Watch a movie…Not at the theatre this time because I don’t want to see anything out.  But I have two Netflix: Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Spiderwick Chronicles.  Which should I watch?

Days off are few and far between but I’m excited about trying to do stuff for me for fun today.  I’m going to have to work to not do work…how ironic is that.  I know I need the break.

Question: What do you like to do on your days off?  Do you take official days off?

Running update: Yesterday I ran at lunch because i missed my morning run.  But I did it!  I ran 2.5 miles in around 30 minutes (that included a warm up).  But I got a blister on my arch because I didn’t have any running socks 😦  I bought some moleskin and blister protectors at the drug store yesterday so I hope it won’t bother me today on my run.  I’m back to run 1 mile, walk 0.25 miles, run 1 mile again.  Then tomorrow I run the entire 2.25 miles without stopping again.  I love this.

Also if you read in my Exercise goals I’m hoping to run the Tufts 10K in October on Columbus Day.  I have a few friends who are going to run it so I’m excited to see them and to run in Boston.  Its not the Boston Marathon but it will be awesome.  Did I mention its and all female run…How cool is that!

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