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Salt is not my friend


Last week I was so happy after my weigh in because I was back to my pre-surgery weight.  This week I’m terrified to weigh in because I know I will show a gain.  I know that you aren’t supposed to weigh in throughout the week but I do everyday and sometimes more than once a day.  I just want an idea of how I’m doing throughout the week so I won’t be shocked when I step on the scale at my meeting.  This week will not be pretty so I’m thinking about going but not weighing in as to not depress myself.  For some reason even though I know that I’ve gained I don’t want those numbers in my book.

I know that not all the weight I’ve gained this week is actual weight.  A lot of it is water weight.  I’ve just not been diligent with watching my sodium.  Normally I cook food from scratch and only add a bit of salt to taste.  This week I’ve been off on my eating and desire to cook (see previous posts) and so I’ve been eating a lot of premade stuff.  Think lots of lunch meat, nuts, frozen meals, etc.  And all of these have made my tummy poofy and my innards not happy.  So salt is no friend of mine and I know my body isn’t happy with it.

I’m trying to figure out how to best eat next week to get rid of the water weight and work on actually losing weight.  I need to plan some quick easy meals that do not involve much cooking.  I think I’m going to cook something with many portions tonight since Hunni will be out with friends so I’ll have it to eat over the next several days.  I have a great quinoa salad with beans and veggies.  I also have some other ideas for quick and easy stuff that won’t make me nauseous to think of cooking.

I hate seeing a gain on the scale and I think to avoid the “official” scale tomorrow is my best bet.  I’ve had a crappy week all around and I just don’t think I could handle another disappointment.  But I’m not just going to throw in the towel and eat junk.  I need to grab the bull by the horns and move forward.

Question: What do you do when you know you’ve gained weight?  How does it effect your mood?

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