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Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts


Yep I was eating sugar yesterday.  I am still feeling weird about eating so I’ve eaten random things at random times.  And by the time I get to the end of the day I just want sugar.  Luckily I was able to placate my sugar monster in the evening with an apple and some honey and some cashews but I really wanted some ice cream.  Thank God for an empty wallet that said no ice cream for me.

Stress has been doing weird things to my appetite and to my mind lately.  I’ve been forgetting to eat which I’ve never done before.  I used to eat my stress and now I can go hours without thinking of food before I realize I need to eat something.  Usually I’m starving for breakfast when I wake up so I have a Luna bar before the gym and then some oats with fruit and greek yogurt after.  Lately I’ve been lucky if I can get in one of the two.  I always had to have a snack mid morning and now sometimes I will not even be hungry at lunch.  I’ve been trying to eat filling foods at lunch so that I’m getting in lots of nutrients even if I’m not eating alot.  Its been avocado and hummus on salad for me lately with some olive oil and vinegar.  And dinner has always been between 5 and 5.30pm and now I’m lucky if I remember to eat dinner before 7.  And some days its been just some hummus and crackers and veggies.  And then maybe some dessert with fruit or small chocolate.

I’ve just been sooooo tired that I think food is one of the last things on my mind.  I have way to much going on right now to even explain so I’m just trying to stay a float.  If it wasn’t for Weight Watchers I think I would just eat cereal and/or ice cream.  I have a great challenge with some Weight Watchers friends that reminds me to get in my healthy guidelines (fruits/veggies/lean protein/dairy/whole grains/healthy oil) and exercise.  Even if I don’t get in all my points or go over I have it in my mind to get those things in.  I think that’s one big reason why I haven’t gained a ton or lost too much recently.

This stress may not go away anytime soon but I’m going to learn to manage it.  I know I can do this and will make it through no matter how long it takes.

Question: How do you handle stress?

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  1. 13/08/2009 1:10 PM

    I know how you feel! that is one great thing WW taught me – to try to have balanced days as much as possible. I always feel better when I do, even when it’s not perfect.

    i love being able to just sit and read, or take a walk or a bath or just do something fun to destress.

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