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Picky, Picky


I remember watching “When Harry Met Sally” a lot in college.  It was so funny because I had a male best friend and I couldn’t imagine ever dating him.  But the thing that really sticks out to me is how crazy I thought Meg Ryan was when she was ordering her meal.  How dare she change the menu that someone had worked so hard to put together.  I remember thinking that if she didn’t like it the way it was intended to be prepared then she should choose something else.  It’s not that hard to eat at a restaurant, really!

Then today I realized that I am Meg Ryan.  I always adjust menus items.  I’m notorious for asking for dressing on the side, none of this or that, changing the preparation from fried to grilled, etc.  I figure I’m the customer and food should be the way I like it as long as I’m polite about requesting changes.  I love to eat at restaurants but I know that most of the stuff straight off the menu is not the way I want to eat it. 

I wasn’t always so bold about my food choices though.  My anxiety used to flare up before and think that the waiter or chef would spit in my food because of all my changes.  I always ended up picking things out or trying not to eat the thing I didn’t want just because it came with my order (ie. Home fries with eggs or fries with my burger). 

One day at a WW meeting someone said something that intrigued me.  “The waiter is your friend.  Just ask nicely and they usually have no problem adjusting orders.”  This was a novel concept to me after watching too many tv shows and movies with disgruntled waiters/waitresses.  One day I just had to suck it up and do it.  I asked for egg whites instead of regular eggs and no homefries when we went out for breakfast one saturday.  Surprisingly the waiter smiled and said “Any other changes you’d like?”  I was shocked and pleasantly surprised.  That was probably one of the best meals I had ever had out since starting my Weight Loss Journey because I had stuck up for what I wanted to eat instead of just eating it (besides the food was delicious 🙂 ). 

Now I can go into a restaurant, look at the menu, and make decisions based on what the menu says and also the changes I want to make to it.  I still sometimes worry what others think about all my changes and substitutions but I feel empowered for taking control of my eating.  So what if I’m “Picky”.

Question: Do you make substitutions at restaurants?  Do you care what others think?

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  1. 05/08/2009 12:40 PM

    I always make changes. A- I’m lactose Intolerant so I have to make changes for that reason and then B- I opt for the healthy versions
    — This makes for a long change on my plate
    My husband gets embarrassed and I always end up apologizing to the waiter but always change it!

    • 05/08/2009 1:07 PM

      I do the apologizing thing too. Hunni has gotten used to the changes but sometimes he looks embarassed when I have a lot of them. But good for you for making the changes anyway.

  2. 06/08/2009 8:54 AM

    i’m pretty comfortable being picky now, but it used to be hard for me, especially if everyone else ordered first and just ordered as-is and then I had a laundry list of changes. But then I realized that I’m paying for this food, so I might as well get what I want.

    • 06/08/2009 10:11 AM

      Exactly! I don’t want to miss out on the fun with friends/family/Hunni but I also want to eat what I want. Good for you for being comfortable with it 🙂

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