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Life’s little choices


This weekend it was made exceedingly aware to me that life is about little choices that add up to bigger ones.  Hunni and I had to choose to leave all the chaos behind in Massachusetts and come enjoy the blessings in Maine, we had to choose to save money in little places and we had to choose to just enjoy our time.

The same is true with my weight loss journey.  I’ve had to make little choices all along the way to result in the success I’ve had and will continue to make choices to lead me to goal.  I didn’t realize it at the time but all theses little decisions have really added up.

Take for instance this weekend.  We went out for real Maine seafood and most was things like lobster dipped in clarified butter, stuffed lobster tails, fried shrimp, etc with stuffing.  I chose the broiled haddock and baked potato with a little bit of butter and a side salad.  Tasted so yummy and fresh and I enjoyed every bite.  Or I went to Panera bread to relax before heading to another meeting and instead of grabbing an asiago cheese bagel bagel I grabbed a fruit cup.  At one reception after a meeting I only had two small cookies and lots of fruit with my water instead of the tons of sweets they were offering and the sugery punch.  I even choose a nice salad with fresh Maine shrimp instead of the burger and fries at lunch.  It gave me a nice taste of the local food instead of just filling up on junk.

I love the feeling of victory with the little choices because sometimes I mess up (real bad sometimes) and I feel defeated.  But the little good ones help me not feel as bad about the big ones.  I was reminded at my Weight Watchers Meeting this past saturday that it is a journey not a sprint to loose the weight and get healthy.  And I do want to be healthy no matter how long it takes.

Off to drive home 4 hours with Hunni and the doggies in the van.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t pour the whole way home 🙂

Question: What are some little choices you have made lately that make you proud?

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  1. Brandi permalink
    03/08/2009 9:04 AM

    i hope you had a good trip and a safe drive!

    I definitely think all those little decisions are what get us to the big ones. Every little choice we have makes a difference in who we are and where we’re going, so it’s good to recognize those and see those “little” choices in our every day.

    • 04/08/2009 8:50 AM

      Thanks! The drive wasn’t too bad but I was super tired and took a nap when we arrived home.

      I agree the little choices make us who we are. I wouldn’t be where I am now without all the little choices that led up to this.

  2. 04/08/2009 6:42 AM

    life is all about layering good choices HOWEVER SMALL upon more good choices.

    I think its Shakespeare who said THE CHOICES WE MAKE DICTATE THE LIFE WE LEAD

    I think about that daily.
    in fitness and WAY BEYOND.

    • 04/08/2009 8:51 AM

      I love that quote! Everyday I have to make little choices and it truly does shape who I am well beyond my health.

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