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Changing Habits


Yesterday I had the dredded Yearly Dental Cleaning.  I brush everyday but hate flossing because I have really tight teeth in some spots and it hurts to get the floss in there.  But the hygenist reminded me once again that it’s important to just do it and it will help prevent those in between the teeth cavities that I get.  So I guess I’m going to have to suck it up and do it.

But while sitting in the chair trying to think of anything else but the metal scraping my teeth I was imagining how this applied to my healthy eating/exercising.  And thus this post was formed.

When it first came to changing my habits of eating I had a hard time.  I already talked about how planning has changed but one of the hardest changes for me was learning to eat breakfast.  I was a teacher and liked to be at school around 7.30 so I could get some work done.  This meant most days I wouldn’t eat from the time I go up at 6.30am until my lunch at 12.30pm.  And I would eat soooo much at lunch to make up for my hungriness.  I had to learn (slowly) to pack some cereal and milk the night before or keep breakfast stuff in my desk.  I was amazed at how much better I felt each morning with food in my stomach.  And now I can’t imagine not eating breakfast.  If I go more than an hour from the time I wake up I think my stomach is going to eat me from the inside out.

Exercise was hard to change too.  Going from nothing to something didn’t seem like it was possible.  I had a jammed packed schedule already and didn’t know where to fit more stuff in.  I first tried walking but got bored easily.  Then I tried classes at the gym which were fun but were draining on my budget at times.  I finally found a solution that worked for me in that situation.  I would combine two things into one.  My friend Madelaine and I loved to spend lots of time together and both wanted to exercise so we would exercise together.  Sometimes we would walk together around town with her daughter in the stroller.  And sometimes we would take classes together.  Surprisingly both were easier to stick with.  We spent less going to the gym than we ever did eating out and shopping.  Don’t get me wrong we still love to do those things but the exercise is a nice thing we still share.

I’m still changing habits all the time such as not making things all or nothing or not beating myself up when I mess up but its all a learning process.  I just have to keep changing.

Question: What has been the hardest food habit you’ve had to change?  What about exercise habit?

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  1. Mandy permalink
    30/07/2009 12:52 PM

    Planning meals and what I’ll eat beforehand has been tough. I should do everything a day in advance but I don’t.

    • 30/07/2009 9:12 PM

      To be perfectly honest my OCD helps alot with that. I get a kick out of planning and organizing so it helps. I don’t always get a complete day in advance but I have dinner at least planned so I know what I have to work with.

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