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Ah sweet rest


This past month was crazy wonderful for me and Hunni.  We had my two cousins (8 year old Tina and 10 year old Albany) visiting.  We loved every minute of them being here but it also meant we were crazy busy everyday too.  We took them back to my grandfather’s on Friday and we returned home Saturday evening to an empty house…just us and the dogs.  It’s kind of a strange feeling.  We enjoyed the hub-bub of go, go, go and now we are kind of lazy.  We’ll maybe not lazy but just catching up on some well deserved relaxation.  We actually got to watch some TV of our choosing yesterday and eat dinner when we pleased.  Stange but good in a way.

So this brings me to my point for the day.  When I exercise I generally don’t take a full rest day.  I usually do what is considered active rest.  I don’t run or lift weights or do anything strenuous but I usually walk or do yoga or even the elliptical on a lower level.  I like the feeling of still getting my body moving and enjoy the high after even just a little exercise.  Even after driving almost 7 hours on Saturday from Philly to Home I still walked downtown to dinner instead of driving to get in some “exercise.” 

But occasionally I get an actual day of full rest.  It’s few and far between but somedays my body or my emotions or both just need a day off.  Yesterday was that day for me.  I was sad about the girls being gone, my stomach hadn’t felt good from all the food I gave it on Saturday and it had just be an all around hard day.  I thought about going to the gym after Hunni and I visited the nursing home to run a church service but just couldn’t do it.  So my dear sweet Hunni suggested I go see Harry Potter 6 by myself.  It’s not his kind of movie and we had been going back and forth about going to see it together or me not seeing it since I couldn’t use our free passes to get in (stupid policy), but he promised he wouldn’t complain about me going to see it alone and him not being able to go see a movie himself.  I think he needed a rest too.  He told me he loaded the dishwasher and washer and took a nap 🙂

The movie was excellent but even better than that I felt great and rested when I came home.  I was able to relax and enjoy myself.  Let my body rest and recoup after the stress I put it under this week.  And now I’ll be ready to run tonight and do the elliptical during The Bachelorette Finale and go to the trainer tomorrow AM.  I might need to schedule a full rest day in again but not too soon.

Questions: How do you like to rest?  Do you take real rest days from working out?

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