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Fun how things change.


I was remembering back to how I used to eat prior to weight loss this morning.  It was shocking to me all of the things that I would eat and all at the same time.  No wonder I was miserable, my body was unhealthy and I was stuck at 260+ pounds no matter what “diet” I did.

A typical day started with no breakfast because I preferred to sleep in.  I always thought that those 5 extra minutes of sleep was more important that some fuel for my body.  Then around 10am after I had taught my 2nd period class I would grab something sweet that was in the Teacher’s lounge.  There were always homemade baked goods or donuts from the Teachers association.  Lunch was whatever was being ordered that day.  A group of teachers always went together to get something.  The local sub shop made these huge chicken parm sandwiches and I’d eat that usually with fries and a coke.  Then I would go help out at my church and eat whatever they were feeding the kids…mac and cheese, baked ziti, pizza, etc.  Finally I would go home and make myself something like cheesey broccoli rice or cheesy quesadilla and then a lot of ice cream and/or cookies for dessert.  Not to mention when I went out to eat pasta with lots of cream sauce and cheese or pizza were my favorite things to eat.  And I always got dessert and ate it all myself.  I can’t remember how many times I would have a milkshake after work at the snack shop in college and I would grab a soda and some donuts on my way home from work as a teacher.  Nothing but junk and very few fruits and veggies.

In April 2006 when I was looking to enter seminary I was told my weight was high and I should lose some weight before entering in the fall.  They didn’t deny my enterance but it was enough to scare me into realizing how bad my health and weight really were.  I went home and looked through my closets and fridge.  Anything with high calories and fat I put into a bag and walked over to my friend who had kids.  I knew they would eat it so it wouldn’t go to waste but not in the ways I had been eating it.  Then I found the only gym in town and joined so that I could go to step classes and use the elliptical and TM.  I went to the grocery store and had no idea what I was going to buy but I was determined to buy healthy stuff.  I bought cereal and milk, lots of fruits and veggies, salad mixes, chicken rice pilaf, etc.  I spent so much money but I was serious.

Over the course of the next 4 months counted my calories everyday using a calorie counter and notebook.  I would eat breakfast everyday (cereal and milk with fruit or a breakfast bar when I was in a hurry), snack was usually some cottage cheese with fresh fruit, I would eat a variety of salads for lunch, after work I would have a snack with some cheese and some crackers and then for dinner I started grilling chicken and having some veggies and a healthy side dish.  I couldn’t give up my dessert so I often had Sugar Free Fat Free pudding with berries and Cool WHip Lite or some Jello.  And I walked, went to a step class, did a video or used the elliptical at least 5 days a week.  In 4 months I lost about 75 pounds.  My doctor monitored me the entire time and said that I was doing great.

Now my life is so different from how it started.  If I even think about how I ate before it makes me sick.  I enjoy how I eat now.  Those things are a treat instead of everyday.  I can’t believe that was my life just 3 years ago and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in just 3 years.  I need to remind myself of that when those last 10 pounds just don’t seem to want to come off.  I’ve come this far and I just need to keep doing the good things and I will reach my goal.

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