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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Sorry for such a late post…This morning I got up to workout (I love working out in the morning now) and then headed out to my Weight Watchers Meeting and then to a bridal shower.  I got back after dinner and have been working all evening to reorder my day.  So this is the first chance I’ve had to post.  Today was a little good, a little bad and a little ugly.

First the Good.  My friends Teisha and Jon are finally getting married and today was their wedding shower.  They’ve been together for YEARS and it took her moving to Georgia for him to realize he wanted to marry her…silly boy.  Anyway today was their couples shower in Manchester, CT.  I was excited to see her (and him) and to celebrate their upcoming nuptials.  They are getting married in 3weeks!  I have a ring bearer pillow to make before them.  Anyway I only knew one other person there.  It was so weird.  Every other shower I’ve been too I’ve known a few people.  But it was fun none the less because her family is sweet and she was just glowing.  They loved the picnic basket I got them because in GA they already have a park they picked out to go walking and picnicking so it was perfect.  Nice to spend the day with friends.

The Bad was my Weigh In this morning.  I’ve been trying to eat more lately to help break this plateau.  Last week I love 0.6 and this week I gained 1.2.  Now it could be the extra cool whip I ate straight from the container last night or the extra exercising or the extra food.  I talked to my leader and he suggested giving it at least a month before I decide if the new eating pattern is working.  He’s right because all the morning workouts could be making me retain water which would cause the gain in addition to the extra sugar I ate last night.  We’ll see how I’m doing weight wise by mid-August and then I’ll talk to him again if I’m not losing.

The ugly was my food today.  I had my normal healthy Luna bar breakfast planned for my WI.  And I brought two bottles of water and a plum for the ride.  It was scheduled for 12-4 so I assumed there would be lunch served.  I stopped at a local grocery store and picked up some chocolate soy milk to hold me over until the lunch.  I figured this bridal shower would be like the others I have been to with at least something fruit/veggie wise.  No such luck.  It wasn’t even lunch!!!@!@!@!  They had lots of fried finger foods served on tiny plates.  Mini pigs in blankets, mini eggrolls, meatballs, fried chicken tenders, stuffed mushrooms, wings…none of which I would normally eat.  But it was all taht was available and I had to eat or my stomach was going to mutiny.  So I tried a few things hoping it would hold me over…then I had some more because I was still starving.  I tried to drink a diet coke and water but was still hungry so I went back for more.  Finally I stopped after consuming 21 points (including a small piece of not the greatest chocolate cake).  I knew I needed some ruffage so I went to WF to pick up some stuff and got a salad.  Lots of lettuce, spinach and other veggies plus some strawberries.  But I was still hungry and dug into the chocolate turtle sundae I bought for Hunni (his treat from WF).  I ate all the caramel and real whipped cream from the top before feeling sick to my stomach and had to throw it away.  I drank a bunch of water to fill up. 

At least I ended the day well… I had a apple with a treat I will write about tomorrow.


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