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I LOVE YOGA!!! It has become my new passion.  I love the stretching and strength aspects of it.  Admittedly I’m not that great yet but I love the way I feel after a class, DVD, podcast, etc.  It is such an uplifting thing to me.

I never really got into yoga when I first started working out.  I knew it was stretching but that wasn’t what I was looking for.  I wanted to burn calories and lots of them.  To me yoga was too slow and not worth it.  But when I had my back surgery last fall my Physical Therapist suggested that I try yoga to help stretch out my hips and back.  I need to keep them loose to prevent more pain and surgery.  I wasn’t too excited but I decided to try the yoga stretches he gave me.  To my surprise I felt AMAZING every time I did it.  I slept better, my hips were less sore and I had more movement.  As I continued in my recovery I was able to do more and more.

Now I love yoga and I especially love a challenge in yoga.  My core has to stay strong to support my back so I love poses like the plank and extended side angle and even the needle.  They all require me to engage my core (all of yoga does this but these moves especially).  I’m limited in some of the moved I can do because my back just doesn’t move in the lower vertebrae but I’m always able to modify and I’ve worked with some great instructors at my local yoga studio to help with even more modifications.  I look forward to yoga at least 3 times a week and preferably everyday.

Don’t think that if you can’t afford a membership to a yoga studio you can’t do yoga.  I can’t afford one either.  But my local studio has a community class that is available once a week for a small donation.  I go and take my cousins and pay $5.  The receptionist said that was very generous…so check out your local studios.  Also FitTV has Namaste yoga for half an hour at 8.30am, 12:30pm and 6:00pm and some extra times on weekends.  It’s not that long but you feel great afterward.  There are wonderful DVD’s…my favorite is The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga for a great burn and flow.  And finally you can check the internet for youtube videos, podcasts, and blogs.  Don’t be intimidated…just give it a try and relax.

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