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Planning Ahead…part deux.


Ahh stress relief!  And for me that is having everything planned out and not having to worry.  Now I know you can’t plan everything, but the more I have figured out ahead of time the easier it is for me to get through my crazy busy days.  And I love to exercise because it relieves stress but my day is so hectic that I don’t always know where I’ll find the time.  So here are some of my exercise planning ahead tips to make getting in that all important activity.

1.  Treat exercise just like any other appointment.  I make an appointment with myself on my calendar for exercise.  I try to look at least a week in advance and actually write it in.  That way if someone asks if I’m busy I can legitimately say I have an appointment.

2.  Do something you like.  I make time for stuff I like.  I know I’m more likely to go for a bike ride with Hunni or a run than to just go for a walk.  I HATE doing most DVD’s at home so I try to get in my exercise some other way.  If you don’t enjoy it, it will seem like a chore.  If you do you’ll want to do it all the time.

3.  Try to find time for morning exercise.  Ever since I started exercising in the morning I definitely have more energy throughout my day.  I know not everyone is a morning person and neither am I…but I love that feeling after I’ve worked hard and taken a shower.  I try to plan my morning the night before so that I don’t have any excuses.  A little breakfast bar by my bed for energy, work out clothes layed out, alarm set for enough time for a good workout and shower.  Even a bit of yoga in the morning helps to give me some energy if I can’t get in a full sweat session that morning.

4. Plan in some rest.  If I plan a rest day I look forward to it.  Some days will be just be too busy get in some exercise.  Some days I just need a break if I’ve put in some hard work at the gym or the office.  By planning in the rest I’m okay if I skip a day.  Rest is just as important as exercise so enjoy it.

I hope these tips have helped.  Remember I’m super-hyper-organized type so this helps me.  Whatever helps you to get in that extra activity…DO IT!

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