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Planning ahead


I love planning…did I mention that I have OCD.  I am super organized and plan everything.  I have a huge Google calendar that has categories for me personal, me work, Hunni personal, Hunni work, both of us work and fun, bills, exercise, etc.  It keeps the stress level down to a dull roar for me with all we have to do for work in addition to our personal lives.

Well this OCD also helps alot with my weight loss.  I love to plan meals and exercise.  I actually find it relaxing to sit on my computer and pick out recipes for weeks in advance and schedule my workouts around my crazy schedule.  Without this planning it would be the quick mac and cheese in a box dinners that I lived on in college and surviving on a walk with the dogs for exercise.  So here are some helpful hints for my planning meals.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about exercise.

1.  Know what you have in your cupboards before you plan.  My meals used to consist of whatever I threw together that night.  Lots of times I would want to make a recipe only to discover I was missing a key ingredient.  This meant another trip to the grocery store or a new idea.  I make a list of what I have in my cupboards now and keep it updated so that when I plan I know if I’ll have to buy a ton of ingredients.  This way I use up more ingredients instead of just buying duplicates.

2.  Set time aside to do it!  Like I said I used to just throw together whatever when I got home from work.  Now I set aside time on a Sunday afternoon about every 2 weeks to plan out dinners.  This gives me time to think and organize so that I can make my grocery list easier.

3.  Vary your meals.   We all have favorite meals but branch out and try new things.  How are you going to know what you like unless you try it.  And this way you don’t get board with the same things.  I’m always excited to try new recipes.

4.  Make you grocery list from your meals.  I try to make my grocery list when I make the menus so that I don’t have to go back and look at the recipes a ton of times.  This allows me to just add what I need for breakfasts and lunches and go to the store.

5.  Enjoy!  Enjoy the food, enjoy the relaxation of knowing what’s for dinner, what to pull out of the freezer, etc.  Planning may take a bit of forethought but the after is great.


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