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Exercise is the release button


Somedays are just so stressful that I just want to pull my hair out.  Work is crazy, the kids are crazy, Hunni is crazy and I just need a release.  I used to get this sense of relase from not so healthy activities like eating.  But that doesn’t exactly fit in with my new healthier lifestyle.

Enter in my workouts.  I love working out at the end of the day because it is a HUGE stress relief from the craziness of the day that I’ve just gone through.  Even if its just a bit of yoga I like getting in the activity.  It keeps me from eating to relieve the stress.  It’s kind of like if I’m exercising I don’t want to overeat and ruin all the work I’ve put in.  The days I don’t exercise I’m far more likely to overeat.

Lately I’ve been getting in a morning workout too and I’ve noticed that while it does make me hungrier to workout more I am always hungrier for real foods.  I would much rather have some hummus and veggies instead of a candy bar because of all the hardwork I’m putting in at the gym.  I like the strength I’ve gained and the stamina too.  Yesterday I ran faster for the same amount of time I normally do. 

Release is necessary in life but we don’t have to be destructive about it.  The next time I think about how great that chocolate bar or brownie we have stashed in the closet would be I’d rather go for a run instead.

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