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Health food = Expensive….not in my book!


I’ve always heard people use the excuse that they can’t eat healthy because it cost too much money to do so.  People complain about the cost of fruits and veggies, healthy meats, grains, etc.  I know my own family usually prefers the nastiness of fast food and high fat and sodium crap instead of a good homemade healthy meal.  This week I did my big grocery shopping and did great to prove that healthy doesn’t necessarily equal expensive.

I stock up on grains from the bulk bins at Whole Foods or at BJ’s Wholesale.  It may be a bigger cost up front but my huge bags of rice last way longer than several little bags at half the cost.  I also buy my oats in bulk instead of the prepackaged boxes or canisters.  I spend $2.13 on over 2 pounds of organic oats yesterday that would have cost over 4 dollars if I had bought it packaged.  I also love to buy stuff like whole wheat pastas at BJ where I can get 8 boxes for $8.  I buy more off beat grains like barley, quinoa, couscous, etc in bulk or at Trader Joes so I can get as little or as much as I want at a time.

Fruit is a big thing for me.  I love fresh fruit for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However I always try to buy seasonal.  Of course cherries are gonna cost a fortune in the winter when they are grown in the summer.  In the winter its painful because I generally have to stick with apples, bananas, and oranges.  But my budget appreciates it and I like those anyway.  Veggies I only buy cucumbers, carrots, onions, and peppers fresh.  Everything else I buy frozen!  Frozen has all the same nutrients at a fraction of the cost and doesn’t have the sodium of canned.

I like to hit up the local Price Rite/Aldi/Trader Joes for so many amazing things at a discounted price.  If it doesn’t fit my budget I don’t buy it.  I love eating healthy and so does my wallet.  It doesn’t hurt me to eat healthy and I save a ton because I’m not eating out a bunch.  So the next time you think you can’t afford a healthy diet think about what you are considering healthy.  You may just need to adjust your perspective.


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