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Tummy’s a rumbling


I guess they say you eat the same volume of food everyday no matter the calorie count.  Well yesterday I did eat but I guess I didn’t eat my volume because by bedtime my tummy was all rumbly.  I usually keep a Luna bar next to my bed so I can eat it when my first alarm goes off before my morning workout.  Well last night it became a late night snack.  Hunni was sleeping on my shoulder and heard the crinkling of the wrapper and briefly woke up “What’s that?’  I’m hungry I told him and happily ate my snack.  It must have done the trick because I fell asleep happy as a clam.

In other good news.  Yesterday I did half my grocery shopping.  It’s a big week this week so I have to make another trip today to buy meats and household items.  But I stopped by our local Price Rite which is like Aldi’s and got a ton of fruit and veggies; 2 pineapples, cherries, pears, red and green peppers, 2 big boxes of salad, plums, peaches, baby carrots and potatos along with some other stuff for under $90.  It may not sound great but if I had gotten it at the regular grocery that bill would have been way more.  We all eat fruit like its the only thing on the planet so I was so happy to not spend a ton.  Today is BJ’s Wholesale, Trader Joes and Whole Foods which means I get to have a yummy salad bar salad for dinner 🙂

One other good thing is that apparently eating more is working.  Despite the chocolate sabotage I wrote about yesterday I did lose 0.6 pounds and should have a bigger loss next week.  And even more importantly I found a old/brand-new pair of size 6 jeans that I’ve never worn.  I bought them when I was a 10 as my goal size and have never been able to button them.  Well today I tried them on just to depress myself and THEY FIT!!!  I was so amazed I wanted to wear them to church instead of my uniform.  They are laid out on the bed ready to be worn after my afternoon workout.  Talk about motivation.  This will keep me away from the sweet treats at Whole Foods…I hope 🙂

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