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Chocolate sabotage to be exact.  I was all on track to lose about a pound or two this week then chocolate jumped down my throat.  Actually I was making homemade icecream with the girls (Hunni got in on the action too).  I decided I didn’t want to eat the icecream so I didn’t make any for myself.  But I did partake in the chocolate chips and reduced fat oreos we used as toppings.  I couldn’t stop at just one or even two.  I had a few handfuls of the chips (white, heath and peanut butter) and about 6 or 7 oreos.  Now don’t get me wrong, I had the points for them.  But it was not the way I wanted to “spend” them.  Instead I got that all to familiar sugar sick feeling from too much of the stuff for most of the night.  I sufficiently chugged enough water to still see a loss on the scale today (0.6 is better than nothing), but I was sadly disappointed in myself. 

However there is a bright side or two.  I almost got into the white chips again later, I even had them in my hand, but I threw them away.  I hate to waste food but I didn’t need to be tempted to eat them.  And I threw out the rest of the heath chips today to avoid eating them.  And now there are no more of those in the house.  Today I filled up my fridge and fruit bowl with the yummy stuff I usually eat instead.  I’ll be okay but I don’t need to be singing Beastie Boys songs again anytime soon.

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