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Fiber is a must


So last night was crazy and unorganized and I didn’t like it.  First of all I didn’t have the right ingredients for my healthy dinner (Tapenade stuffed chicken breasts with veggies and pasta) or the ingredients for my healthy go to meal when I don’t have the ingredients (buckwheat pancakes).  Hunni had some of the “complete” pancake mix with the just add water.  I made a batch of them thinking it should be okay.  I added in blueberries for some health factor and covered one of mine in Reduced Fat Skippy PB for some protein.  But then I just couldn’t get full.  I ate mine plus some extra and then a few more (about 6 or 7 in all).  It didn’t fill me up at all.  I just felt ugggh instead of satisfied like I normally do after my delicious pancakeness breakfast/dinner.  The fiber was totally missing.  After looking at the box there is next to non in the mix.  Complete my foot.  I need fiber!  I will not be making this mistake again.  It is back to buckwheat for me.  Hunni and the girls will be finishing off the leftover alone.  I’m gonna eat some hummus and other fiber-licious stuff.

I wanted to snack the rest of the night being that I wasn’t full but I just kept drinking water because I didn’t need it.  I already felt sick so I stuck to the hydrating.  Hunni is wonderful but organized he is not.  I stayed up til 12midnight reorganizing things that should have already been in place and now will spend my afternoon rushing to fit in stuff that should have already been done.  But I do love him so.  At least today I won’t be going through it with a nasty UGGGH feeling due to my lack of fiber.

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