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Stress is never good, but wasn’t bad this time.


Yesterday was an amazingly crazy and almost aweful day for me at the office.  I was supposed to do a nice ladies bible study and instead I had to spend the day attached to my desk on the phone trying to solve a major crisis.  AHhhhh!  Some days I really wish I could just take a nap. 😦

My chain attaching me to my desk didn’t allow me to go to far.  Thank God I had already eaten my pre-workout snack, worked out and gotten in breakfast before the chaos started.  But I didn’t have time to grab a snack.  So I had some almonds out of my desk and lots of water to hold me over until a quick lunch.  I tried to fill up with some protein and lots of veggies for lunch because I didn’t know how long my afternoon would be. 

By the time I got to leave the office to set up for my Women’s group I was famished and stressed to the max.  As I sliced and diced fabric for quilts I also snacked on chocolate chips.  Not a ton but it was straight from the bag into my mouth.  I enjoyed the nice chocolate taste but wish I had found a healthier snack.  But Hey I had the points to eat it and it felt good.

Dinner was a new combo for me.  Some indian inspired rice with tumeric, lemon and veggies.  And some steak.  Not a lot to fill me but it did taste yummy.  I don’t know if everyone else thought so, so I may be eating the leftovers myself.  Dessert was a quick frozen pop later after eating all that chocolate earlier. 

I didn’t get to the gym last night because we were super busy getting our Christmas in July stuff ready for this weekend.  I was dressed and ready to go but didn’t drag myself out the door at 9.30pm.  Its all good though because I was ready to run this morning.  I’ve done good and I’m looking to see the scale reflect that this week!

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