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Ouch!! It hurts so good


After my annoying up and down plateau I really decided to kick up my workouts a notch.  With my two little cousins visiting I have to make more time somewhere to get workouts in.  Like I said yesterday I’m used to the whenever wherever I like to work out.  Now I have an even stricter schedule.  So lately I’ve been up and out of the house by 7.30am to hit the gym before work in addition to my regular routine.  It’s a nice feeling to get it done in the morning and also go in the evening if I have time and energy.

Yesterday I was back at it with the weights.  I love how strong I feel when I lift.  My trainer and I actually talked about upping my weight again on some exercises.  I’m challenge driven so I enjoy the push.  I will miss her when she goes on maternity leave (she’s pregnant with triplets…you heard that right, triplets).  Hopefully she’ll have a suggestion for who I can see until she is back in the gym.  She totally plans to be back in 8 weeks after birth because she loves it so much..we’ll see. 

I’ve also reknewed my passion for running.  After my great race time on Saturday and feeling strong through the whole race I realized I missed running.  I do need to find the time to run outside more.  We have a great trail near here but I’ll have to figure that out once the girls leave at the end of the month.  But I’ve been pushing myself to run on the TM at the gym when I can’t hit the trail.  I ran for 30 minutes yesterday without even thinking about the time.  I burned 400 calories and felt great!  I’m taking today off running to do the ellpitcal and then I’ll be back at it tomorrow AM.

I’m trying to get some more variety into my workouts to help break the plateau too.  I used to strictly do the Elliptical fo 60 minutes on Random and occassionally hills on the TM.  Now I’m trying out different courses on the elliptical to change it up.  I also called the local YMCA and got a list of the classes they offer.  I’m going to do step starting in a week for 7 weeks.  And I’m going to do kickboxing in the fall.  I’m excited because I enjoy group exercise and the price is really reasonable.  If only my gym had classes but that will be on my list of must haves for my new gym when we move eventually.

Today I’m sore from changing things up.  But its one of those hurts so good sores.  I know I’m pushing my body again and it hurts because it’s working new muscles.  YEAH!  Like I said I like challenge.  It pushes me to keep going.  I don’t like the same old, same old.  Change scares me sometimes…but hey everything changes at some time or another.


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