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I’m being a skipper


So currently my facebook status is a lie…I was intending on going to the gym and doing the elliptical and weights but now I’m not.  In my defense I already earned 4 AP’s today bike riding and doing yoga.  Also my two little cousins are crazy tonight and broke the curtain rod in their bedroom so I’m frustrated.  But I will be at the gym in the morning to get in my weights and the afternoon to get in my elliptical.

Breakfast was my blueberry oatmeal with olive oil added so that I could get in my oils today.  This is the one area I slack off in all the time so I wanted to be proactive and start the day getting one of the 2 tsp in.

I also set up my crockpot with lasagna this morning so that it would be ready for dinner tonight.  Its one of my favorite meals and Hunni loves it too.  The girls devoured it last time even though there was bit of a stuggle with one of them because apparently she “doesn’t like turkey” now. 

I had a quick snack of a Gala apple and some frozen grapes while rushing through stuff at my desk this morning. 

Anyway lunch was my favorite burger made with french onion Laughing Cow this time instead of my regular swiss.  I added some cut english cucumber slices with some olive oil and grated parmesan on the side.

The afternoon was busy with me trying to work and keep my cousins occupied.  I got some stuff done and they did too.  I even got some reading in which I never make time for on my own.

After Hunni got home we decided to go bike riding before dinner in case it rained as the weatherman said.  However the older of the two girls does not know how to ride her bike and isn’t even trying to do so.  SO I spend the whole time running next to her trying to help her stay up instead of riding which I would have enjoyed more.  At least Hunni will keep working with her so that eventually we can all just go riding on the trail.

Dinner was the aforementioned crock pot lasagna that I love and had a bit more than one serving.  I also had a diet coke while out at the library picking up the book we are going to read at bed time and going to the pharmacy.  I also had a NSA Eskimo Pie dark chocolate bar once I got home.

Now I’m debating going to the gym and thinking its a big NO.  I’ll hit the gym more than once tomorrow to make up for it.  Sorry for being a big skipper but I just can’t do it tonight.  😦

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