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I promised I would finish where I left off for my week vacation and then I’ll get to the new stuff.

Hunni and I went to a second wedding on Saturday.  I did manage to get to a Weight Watchers meeting that morning and weigh in because I didn’t want an excuse to over eat the rest of the weekend.  I usually use not weighing in as an excuse to overeat since I don’t “know what my real weight is” and it won’t matter if I only show a small los instead of a bigger one.  Their system was strange because it said I lost but the total didn’t show it.  Ehh at least I tried.

It was an early morning wedding – 10 AM – so I just had an apple and a Luna bar before.  The wedding was B-E-A-UTIFUL and I was so happy to see my friends so happy that day.  They had been looking forward to it for a long time and to see it happen was great and sweet.  The reception was an appetizer kind of thing.  I was tasked to man the gift table at the reception so I didn’t get food right away.  I think this was my downfall because later I ended up eating two of the SWEET and Delicious cupcakes they provided of the same thing as their cake.  I’m a sucker for great buttercream frosting and this was some of the best I’ve had.  I also ate a bunch of veggies with a bit of dip, some cheese cubes, some ham and lots of pineapple.  I steered clear of the crossaints, chips, sandwiches, and other not so good for me things. They didn’t really interest me anyway.  I also drank 2 Diet Cokes but that wasn’t too bad since they were freeflowing and I love the flavor.

Hunni and my anniversary was 21 June (Yeah Us…We survived a year).  Since we were going to be driving long distance back home on our anniversary we decided to celebrate on Saturday evening after the wedding.  We didn’t want lotsa pasta or the like at most big chain restaurants near where we were staying and couldn’t afford an expensive healthy meal so we decided to hit a great place I frequented as a teen.  The Charcoal Pit is amazing and know for their old 50’s feel and ice cream sundaes.  I ordered grilled chicken with honey mustard dipping and some great hot fresh fries.  I also had a salad and some more diet coke.  We looked over the sundae menu and settled on the Sallies – 2 scoops vanilla, 2 scoops chocolate smothered in caramel, marshmellow and whipped cream.  I ate about 1/3 and Hunni finished it off.  It was a nice treat since our left over wedding cake was left in our storage locker instead of the freezer as requested.  We’re looking to buy a good cake to split later as a replacement 🙂

Sunday was crappy food-wise.  Driving for over 7 hours and practically no fruits and veggies = not happy tummy for Cynthia.  I had 2 Clif Zbars (on breakfast, one snack); some ham, potatoes, and broccoli at Grandpa’s for lunch; the bottom bun, bacon and grilled chicken at McDonald’s and  medium fry.  Not great tasting and not great for me.  I remember why I don’t eat this way anymore.  I can’t believe I used to eat stuff like this all the time….YUCK!


Now onto the normal for now.  My cousins (Albany who is almost 10 and Tina who is 8) are visiting so normal is a bit different but I’m trying to keep my eating and exercising as normal as possible.  Heck this could be our normal soon enough.

I woke up and had my favorite breakfast….OATMEAL.  I added in my blueberries, Fat Free Greek Yogurt and Honey.  I’m going to miss when I can’t readily get these blueberries anymore.  Lunch was my Huevos Mios (egg beaters with FF Cheddar and salsa on a grilled corn tortilla) and an apple sprinkled with cinnamon.  I had a nectarine for a snack as well as some baby carrots.  I’m missing my hummus and can’t wait to get to TJ’s on Thursday to get some. 

Dinner was a favorite in this house, whole wheat pizza with FF mozzarella and tomato basil sauce.  I added some aspargus and roasted red peppers to my portion.  I loved this combo.  Healthy pizza is my friend and so much better than Dominos or anything else you can order.  For dessert the girls and Hunni had ice cream I bought on sale for them.  I’m proud to say I had a no sugar added eskimo pie Dark Chocolate bar.  I was super satisfied and not feeling sugar sick.

I had points left so I had some TJ’s Multigrain crackers with a wedge of Laughing cow cheese in garlic and herb.  I also snagged a peach from the grocery store. 

I got a great workout in at the gym on the elliptical while watching the Bachelorette (I can’t believe Wes is still there…he’s SCUM!).  I burned about 850 calories which is 8.5 AP’s for me.  I need to get in my weights and yoga tomorrow but it was nice to be back at the gym.

It all changes because my schedule is crazy but I need to adapt.  My healthy life will continue.

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