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Keep plugging along


Vacation is happening soon so I’m just plugging along until then.  I’ve been eating healthy (not as many sugery things as before) and getting in some desperately needed Exercise.  My diet has gone back to being mostly fruits and veggies with some whole grains and lean proteins mixed in instead of my steady diet of sweets that I had been ingesting and making me feel sick.  I enjoy the healthy feeling being back instead of the sick feeling I had for a few weeks on end.

I also started back to the trainer.  I had missed the trainer and weight lifting for almost a month.  I could feel my back weakening and was kicking myself.  I know that weight training is important to keep my back strong and avoid surgery again.  Surprisingly I hadn’t lost too much strength except in my abs.  I guess that’s what made me feel liek I was getting weaker.  I have been pushing hard (but not too hard) to get my abs back to where I was.  Today when I hit the gym I was able to do all my abs stuff with only a small break between them.

This sunday will be interesting because we are eating out for lunch and dinner and then next week we are eating out a bunch.  I need to plan well so that I don’t overdo it.  Instead I’ll just have to pack some good snacks.  Weddings are great and I’m so happy for my friends but the thought of wedding food and cake is giving me a mini panic attack.  I will survive though and keep plugging along.

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