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Jumping back on the wagon


Last week kinda stunk for me with Weight Watchers.  I kinda tracked and kinda worked out but it was all just half done.  My leader has once said if you “kinda do the program, it kinda works; if really do the program it really works.”  This week was the kinda.  I didn’t track everything exactly or in all the exact quantities because I wasn’t measuring, I took a lot of walks but didn’t work hard because I didn’t go to the gym at all, and I was just overall snacky eating at all times of the day.

I normally have all my AP’s and about 10-15 Weeklies left at the end of the week and this week I just barely scraped by without going into negative points.  I just felt Blah all week about WW and just half did it.  I knew I would gain this week and didn’t fight it.  I think my mind just needed a small break beause I’ve been hardcore WW or calorie counting for about 4 years now.  I didn’t like that feeling but I think it was necessary.

But as of today I’M BACK BABY!!  I didn’t skip my Weigh in despite the predicted gain.  And I packed my running gear to try out the trail near the farmer’s market.  I haven’t run since my last race so I was worried I wouldn’t do well.  I started off at my normal pace and kept pushing.  I wanted to run a few times but I just kept going.  It was great and I definitely had the runner’s high that I missed.  I did the 5K run out in about 35 minutes.  Then I ran/walked back to the van.  So in total I did 10K 🙂  I earned 7AP’s for that effort.  I’ve always wanted to run a longer distance so today was a preview that I might be able train for a 10K race.  I’m going to look for a training plan soon.

The wagon started to get way from me this past week but I’m back with a vengence.  I even got 2AP’s tonight walking the trail with Hunni and the furbabies.  Now I’m sore and glad to be riding on the wagon instead of trying to chase it 🙂

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