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You read that right, I finished my first 5K race of the season in under 45 minutes.  This was my first race back after having back surgery (lumbar spinal fusion) in September after a year of pain.  I waited for this day for over a year.  I was miserable last spring/summer/fall when I couldn’t run in any races.  Now I’m back and I’ll be running a bunch this racing season and enjoying every minute of it.

The race was good because I was just happy to be running…but it was poorly organized.  Let’s just say that I will not be running this one again next year if we still live in the area.  But we were grateful for the door prize we won to get us some free appetizers and desserts at TGIFriday’s. 

I had to stop and walk twice but I was happy to run most of it.  Next weekend one of my best friends will be visiting while Hunni is out of town for a men’s group thing.  We are going to run another race in Albany.  I hope to improve my time.  That will mean some training races this week but I’m sure I’ll do better.

Now onto the food. No pics because I was crazy busy before, during and after the race…but here it is none the less.

After my WW weigh in the morning (down 3.4 after my gain last week) I ate my Luna Lemonzest bar and downed a full Sigg of water.  Then when I went to the grocery store for this week I also bought a Clif Zbar Honey Graham that I ate and strawberries (I had three).  I had planned to get a latte but I didn’t want to upset my stomach before the race…coffee sometimes does a number on me.

Lunch was light before Hunni and I set out for the race.  I had a plum and a Thomas’ Light Multigrain english muffin with the last of my TJ’s Sundried Tomato & Basil Hummus.  It was enough to keep me full until after the race.

After the race there was a free cookout.  I had a BBQ grilled chicken breast sans bun, a very small scoop of potato salad and some sauerkraut.  I also had a banana and an apple to feed my hunger from running in the 80+ degree weather.

Hunni and I decided I didn’t want to cook 🙂  So when we walked the dogs after returning home we stopped into Subway.  We had lots of points saved up so we got two subs, drinks and cookies all for around $3!  I had the 6″ Honey Oat Ham with Swiss, spinach, cucumbers, onions, and lots of banana peppers (my fave).  I added a bit of honey mustard to it for the saucy effect.  I also snagged half of Hunni’s White Chocolate Macademia Cookie and drank a Diet Caffiene Free Diet coke.  I gotta stop drinking this stuff…it’s not good for my tummy but is so addictive.  I need a replacement addiction.

I ate another plum for snack and then caved and got a pint of Everything But The…Ben & Jerry’s with Hunni.  I haven’t had any in a while and I liked it.  After all the AP’s I earned today I deserved it.

Well tomorrow is church so I better relax.  A little yoga to relax my hips after the race and then bed. 🙂


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