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In a land far away


Yeah I’ve been a bad blogger this week.  I was at a conference from Monday through Thursday night.  I had access to internet but was busy, busy, busy and couldn’t blog even a short bit…okay that’s a lie but I wanted to spend time with friends I haven’t seen and neglected my journal…Bad Cynthia!

A recap of my week is simple.  I had no control over what they served for lunches which freaked me out a little going into it.  I usually plan my days in advance so the not knowing was scary and made it hard to plan.

Hunni and I left Monday morning after I had a quick breakfast of natural applesauce, pineapple juice and a vita top muffine.  Then we packed up the pups and were off to the kennel.  I had an apple and Quaker caramel corn cake while driving in the rain.  We stopped at the outlets to look for shoes and got Au Bon Pain while there.  I had prejournaled a chef salad but couldn’t remember which dressing was best.  I guessed Honey Mustard (wrong) and had a fruit cup to go with it.  Dinner out with friends at Chilie’s.  Yummy Tilapia with broccoli.  I enjoyed the conversation so much a that we were at the restaurant for 3 hours. 

Tuesday: Our conference was scheduled to start at 8.45 for devotions.  Breakfast at the hotel with a Stoneyfield Blueberry low-fat yogurt and some cheerios.  Lunch ended up being Tortilla crusted tilapia and some peas.  I was disappointed at the lack of veggies options so I was glad I had some fruit salad and an apple for a snack.  I even ate some hardboiled egg whites and some grapes for the afternoon snack.  Went out to enjoy some good sushi at this funky conver belt restaurant with my prayer partner and had a Berry fullfilling Jamba Juice.  Ate a Quaker Caramel Corn cake for later evening snack.

Wednesday: Breakfast again at the hotel but this time I had egg whites, string cheese, dannon yogurt and some cheerios.  Lunch turned out to be lotsa stuff I didn’t want so I ate two portions of Salad with Italian dressing and a baked potato with butter.  At least there was more veggies this time.  Dinner ended up being at the Outback with a girl I’ve been friends with and mentored.  I had already had an incident with rasinets and a cookies so I wanted to make the best choice which is not easy at Outback.  I settled for the buffalo chicken appetizer and a side of a naked sweet potato.  I was satisfied and only used part of my blue cheese.  I then had a non-fat latte with a teenager I started mentoring when she was 11 (she’s 13 now and so adult).  Great conversation a Hunni got to rest because he wasn’t feeling well.

Thursday: Breakfast at the hotel was back to the Stoneyfield and cheerios.  kept me full for a good bit.  I had one chicken enchilada and lotsa fajita fillings (chicken and beef) without the shell and topped with salsa…YUMMO!!  I ate an apple for a snack during the final session and grabbed a small handful of M&M’s plain while filling out my review of the seminars.  Dinner was on the road on the way home. I got a turkey and cheese wrap so I could eat quick even though I kinda wanted a salad.  I paired that with some Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita chips and an apple.  Later after we got home I had some Dole Pineapple juice to feed my sweet tooth.

Overall it was a good week.  I didn’t overdo it with my points either.  Some days were better than others but we’ll see what’s reflected tomorrow on the scale.  I even got in exercise on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday while away.  I’m quite proud of myself.

Today’s review will have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m finishing up watching the Red Sox game and going to bed because Hunni and I are running our firt 5K of the season tomorrow afternoon and I have WW in the morning.

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