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Make it stop


Okay I have a problem and I’ll admit it… I can’t stop eating chocolate if it is in my house.  I am addicted and especially if it is dark chocolate.  All the semi sweet chocolate chips I had left over from making Oreo truffle balls with my cousins and my women’s group are gone.  Yep I ate them all.  Most of them were eaten on Saturday and Sunday in place of Easter candy.  But today something came over me…it just happened and the candy jumped in my mouth.  I even found myself thinking that I might as well just finish them so that I don’t eat any more tomorrow or Friday since I weigh in on Saturday morning.  I don’t know if I tracked them appropriately for my points but I do know that they are gone.  At least I have a good bit of Weekly Points and Activity Points to help counteract the binge.  This is the entire reason I don’t buy real chocolate because it never lasts and I feel crappy afterward.

The rest of the day was fairly normal.  I decided to try a new oatmeal concoction this morning.  I made my normal amount of oatmeal but added in some frozen mango pieces before putting it in the microwave.  I added one packet of splenda after it was done.  I loved the flavors…not to sweet not to bland.  It was a splendid combination that I will be repeating for the next several days before going on our trip to our conference for Officership.

Wednesday is the crazy day for me because I have two meetings with women in my church for membership classes/bible study and then my larger Women’s Ministries group at night.  I headed down for my first meeting and decided I was going to have a diet soda since I would be hitting the gym after this first meeting.  I don’t really like Pepsi products but that’s all they had so I grabbed one.  I was very disappointed and will not be making that decision next time.  However my tummy started to do somersaults and not in a good way.  I ordered some dry rye toast to calm it down.  It worked and I was able to hit the gym after my meeting. 

I did about 35 minutes of weight training and earned 2 AP’s.  I found a great way to organize my sets so that I would get the best workout.  It was almost like circuit training.  I didn’t even get through the Physical Therapy exercises I still do to keep my back strong.  I did those later and earned another 1 AP at home.

For lunch I had planned a simple but filling meal.  I love the TJ’s boxed soups for their convenience and of course their taste.  I opened the next one in my pantry which was Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato.  The smoothness and taste are excellent.  I even added 1tsp of olive oil to get in my healthy oils for lunch.  I also added the last 4 baby carrots I had with some tomato and basil hummus from TJ’s as well.  I didn’t want to eat too much because I knew I had another meeting and I would be going to the gym again after that.

I decided that today was too beautiful and I wanted to walk downtown to my next meeting.  I have been wanting to do this for several weeks but the weather had not been cooperating.  I earned 1AP for the walk and went back to the coffee shop.  I ordered a small skim latte with some hazelnut syrup while I waited for my other lady to arrive for our lesson.  However when she didn’t arrive by 1.40 I had Hunni call her.  Turns out she got sick at our SONrise service on Easter morning.  I told her not to worry about it and we would meet up again after I got back from my conference.  Because she was sick and two of my other ladies were not going to be able to show for the evening Ministry meeting I decided to cancel.  Hunni made the calls to the last two ladies while I finished my latte and made my way to the gym.

At the gym I wanted to run because Hunni and I are registering for a 5K race the Saturday after we get back from our conference.  I don’t care about what type of time I get I just want to run the entire thing.  This will be my first race in almost a year and a half because of my back problems and subsequent surgery.  But today was not my day to run.  I did okay for the first 10 minutes and then had this sharp pain in my upper abdomen.  I think it was the combination of caffiene and carbonation from the diet pepsi and the latte I had just finished that made it difficult.  I slowed down and walked briskly until I earned 2 AP’s and then decided to head home.  I figured if I felt up to it later I would go back and get on the Elliptical (I didn’t feel like it though).  I walked home and earned another 1AP.

At home I sliced up an apple and some 75% Reduced Fat cabot cheddar cheese.  It was a delicious snack that I’m surprised I haven’t eaten up to this point.  I love apple and cheese and had forgotten how much it satisfied.  I started to cook dinner a bit later and was excited to make something I hadn’t had in awhile but I LOVE… chicken baseballs.  Its a recipe I got from some Weight Watcher friends and Hunni loves.  I add Franks Red Hot to mine for a kick but they are great.  A nice combo of Reduced fat crescent rolls filled with canned chicken, RF cream cheese and onion.  I added some green beans with olive oil and garlic salt on the side.  I ate one chicken baseball and Hunni ate 3!  He had some appetite an told me how much he loved them 🙂

I had a plum for dessert because I love the flavor and I also love how they help my bowels…TMI I’m sure but so true.  I also had a Quaker Caramel Corn Cake.  Hunni calls them my styrofoam cakes but I like them so :-P.  Later came the aforementioned chocolate chip incident.  And I had an apple for some more fiber.  I’m hoping that writing this now instead of when I normally do will Make it stop…the eating that is.

Tomorrow is another day.

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