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Dare to be normal


Yesterday when I was out because I was angry with Hunni I bought the book “Love Dare” based on the movie Fireproof.  Today’s dare was to be patient with my husband and to not let things that would normally annoy me and cause me to argue with him get to me.  It was difficult at points because Hunni does a lot of things that annoy me sometimes.  But I bit my tounge and was kind.  It got easier as the day went on.  We even had a good time at counseling today talking about what got me so frustrated yesterday.  It helped alot and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge.

Because of how much better I felt today I ate a lot better too.  I had intended weight lift tonight so I had a day full of protein (turns out I didn’t but it was still good).  I didn’t feel well this morning so I skipped a meeting (Hunni went alone) and woke up in time to take my shower, get ready and grab my breakfast to take down to the office.  I bought a new flavor of Luna Bar (Chocolate raspberry) and that was breakfast.  It was good and I like the combo of chocolate and fruit…in fact its one of my favorites.  I sipped on water all morning until I had my apple snack around 11am.  It was surprisingly satisfied unlike yesterday.

Lunch was the same old Chicken Burger on Arnold Sandwich thin and Laughing cow.  I had a side of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (the last of it 😦 ) and baby carrots.  I also added a side of edamame so that I could get in some extra protein.  I even walked the furbabies at lunch because Hunni was at the Rotary Meeting.  I took a plum back to the office for the afternoon to help hold me over.

Hunni and I had counseling at 4pm so I didn’t get to start cooking dinner until 5pm when we are normally eating around that time.  I had to eat another plum as a snack while cooking.  Dinner was one of my favorite meals because it’s quick and I love the flavors.  I made Greek Orzo Shrimp.  It made a lot of servings (about 6 today).  I ate a little more than one because I was hungry.  It was really filling and I was quite happy and so was Hunni.  We even have left overs for lunch for Hunni or me.

I ate the last 2 ginger snaps for dessert.  They were yummy and I love them so much because they are so low in points.  Hunni and I watched American Idol and then headed to the gym.  As I said earlier I was going to lift tonight and then do the elliptical.  I postponed the lifting for tomorrow because I have more time then…and I really wanted to see the makeovers on Biggest Loser.  So we went and I did the elliptical with no arms for 60 minutes.  I burned over 550 calories which means 5.5 AP’s.  I need to run tomorrow though because I realized that my first 5K since having back surgery is next saturday and I want to be able to run the entire thing…I’m hoping and praying I make it.

My after gym snack to fulfill my points was some TJ’s non-fat Greek Yogurt with some pineapple tidbits and smidge of honey.  So filling and a nice new combination I will be trying again.

Today was so much better than the past few days.  It was a bit challenging at times but I’m excited that it was almost normal.  I’m excited to keep moving forward with normal eating and not binging.

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